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The Pomeranian is a toy breed that was developed in the Pomeranian region of eastern Europe (now in Germany and Poland) by crossing and then miniaturizing larger northern sled dogs and herding dogs including the Chow Chow, Norwegian Elkhound and Samoyed.

The popularity of small dogs in the eighteenth century caused British breeders to continue the process until they had reduced the size of the breed from twenty-four pounds to four. The Pomeranian was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1900.

Intelligent, agile and cheerful, the Pomeranian is also curious and easily excited. Despite his size, he is a brave watchdog. He is an excellent companion.

The head of the Pom is well proportioned to the body. It is wedge-shaped and has a fox-like expression. The eyes are bright, almond shaped, dark in color, and medium in size. The ears are small and carried erect on the head. There is a pronounced drop off (stop) between the skull and muzzle. The bite is scissors. The neck is rather short and the body is cobby. The brisket is fairly deep. The topline is level. The tail is a characteristic of the breed, turning over the back, carried flat and profusely covered with coat. The legs are straight and of medium length in proportion to the body. They are well feathered. The coat is double with a short, soft, thick undercoat and a larger, coarse, glistening outer coat. Coat colors include red, orange, cream, orange sable, blue, white and parti-colored. Average height is eleven inches. Average weight is four pounds.

Hey there, little bear!

For the past ten years I have appreciated and adored the love that comes from puppies. I have had the honor of receiving love from some of the best lap dogs, however, the love that I receive from a Pomeranian pup is like no other. The thought of having a real live teddy bear is every girl's dream, and the Pomeranian is where this dream begins. Where do I begin, why not start from it's most hypnotizing feature - the hair? Enough said, not to mention it's adaptive personality. Who doesn't want to spend their time with a small complimentary companion that reminds them totally of themself? I know I do!
- Allegra


I have a Pomeranian and she is the best dog in the world! She is playful, intelligent, sweet and a joy to have around. I have taken her all over with me. She loves the beach and the park and bike rides in the bike basket. She travels about in a small bag (designed for dogs) on my shoulder. I have taken her to the store, grocery shopping, movies, hotels, everywhere. She is very well-behaved and never barks (unless told to). She knows a variety of tricks including shake, rollover, speak, wave goodbye, lay, sit, stay. She sleeps on my pillow and she is the joy of my life. Pomeranians are a great breed!

Loyal companion.

I love this little dog. I have never been a fan of small dogs, but our Pomeranian has stolen my heart. I inherited this dog along with his owner,both with similiar dispositions, strong and loveable. We keep our Pomeranian shaved (looks like a relative of the Italian Vopino). This dog has a lion's heart, and the gentleness of a small child. However, he can be startled easily and does not take to teasing. He is fiercely loyal and loves to be spoiled. He talks quite a bit, but one word quiets the household. Our Pom is incredibly bright, and knows when he has misbehaved (going through trash). One word in our household "time out" and he immediately goes down the hall and into the closet to wait. Big personality, affection, and strength in such a small dog.
- koss

I've raised three!

Poms are the best breed to own if you have children. My Poms have never bitten, barked or even growled at children. They are very patient and tolerant of children. These small dogs are vibrant and entertaining. They take on their owner's habits and love attention. Though they can be a little hard to train, they are very loyal, loving and willing to please.
- lin

Best dog I have ever had.

My Pomeranian is the love of my life! He is the best dog I have ever had. I never have problems with shedding and it is so nice to have a furry dog that doesn't require haircuts. All I do is give him a bath once in awhile and brush him once a week and he does great. They are such loyal dogs; very protective of their owners. Mine is such a lap dog and is always a constant companion. I will never buy another breed.
- Anonymous

The best of the best.

My Pom is an absolute joy. She loves my small children, was a breeze to housebreak, and is a constant source of entertainment for us all. I find that if I give her her weekly bath and brush her out (no fine comb detangling necessary) that the shedding is minimal if any at all. Now, if I neglect the brushing for a day or two then I have a problem but it is really a simple process and an easy habit to get into. I grew up with Yorkies and Maltese so I am familiar with small breeds and I have to say that Poms are my favorite, with the Yorkie at a close second. I always loved the Maltese but my mom still has them and every one has always been "yappy." My Pom on the other hand rarely speaks up, (except for times that the kids will get her to howl along to the harmonica, but I believe that singing is her one vice). She loves my cat and they will lie side by side on their backs together and suntan their bellies by my sliding glass door where the sun shines in the afternoon. I don't know what we would do without her!
- Anonymous

Sweet little clowns.

I had a rescue Pom for five years and he was the joy of our lives. He was loyal, cheerful, forgiving, generous, and unfailing kind to us poor humans. He inspired us to want to be the kind of people he clearly thought we were. He came into our lives unexpectedly and completely blew apart any ideas we had about dogs &shyp; especially "little" dogs. He had a big heart and a courageous spirit. His health problems cost us both anxiety and money but that was trivial when compared to the pleasure he gave us every single day. The only reason I'm rating Poms four stars instead of five has to do with their health problems. DO NOT BUY FROM A PET STORE. Use the internet and find a responsible breeder.
- sharon

Great dogs.

They are great companions, loyal all-around, great pets. But they shed too much, and mine is too inactive, lays around too much.
- harnish

Furry pests.

My experience with Pomeranians has left me with a bad taste for them. I find them noisey and stupid, impossible to housebreak, and with poor manners. Their yap is high and irritating and goes on and on. Their fur gets all over the place and easily tangles. They are expensive to breed and don't do well at whelping &shyp; need vet assistance. All in all, not a very good breed.
- Anonymous

The Jerry Lewis of the dog world!

This is my favorite dog I have ever had! He is a true clown. He makes me laugh all of the time! Pomeranians are a little difficult to train, but once you get past that they are soo much fun! They are adorable little bundles of joy. They look like miniture foxes, and they have long fluffy coats. This coat does shed, but honestly not as bad as you would think for a dog with so much hair.They also like alot of attention. He is my baby, he lets me dress him in doggy clothes, even Halloween costumes, and a Santa suit at Christmas. Each day when I get home, he greets me at the door, he has even learned to mimic the way I wave to him when I say "Hi!" to him.(he waves his little paw up and down when I come in.) If one is looking for a true "companion" dog, you could not pick a better dog than a Pomeranian.
- SG
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