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In German, “Dach” means badger and “hund” means dog, thus explaining an early use of an ancestor of this breed as a hunter. The breed itself, however, may date to the time of the Egyptians. A dog of similar stature to the Dachshund found on an Egyptian statue is named Tekal from which the name “Teckel” used in Germany for this breed originates. The German parent club, the Deutscher Teckelklub, was founded in 1888 although the breed standard was set as early as 1879. There are six-varieties of Dachshund, including smoothhaired, longhaired, wirehaired with miniatures of each. The wirehaired Dachshund was developed later by introducing other breeds into the general Dachshund type.

Today, the Dachshund is primarily a house pet and companion. He is cheerful,loyal, clever, lively and courageous. He is also good with children. He does not need large amounts of exercise but regular romps and a controlled diet are essential.

The Dachshund is a short-legged, long-bodied, low-to-the ground dog. His body is twice the length of his height. He is sturdily built and well muscled but not clumsy. The head is long and tapered with oval eyes, set obliquely on the head. The ears are long and broad, set back on the head and laying downward along the neck, coming to a tapered end just below the jaw-line with the forward edge barely touch the cheek. The bite is scissor. The chest is broad and deep with a prominent breastbone. To accommodate this chest with the short legs, the legs curve slightly inward. The feet are broad and compact, turning slightly outward. The topline is straight with the hip being level to the shoulder. The tail tapers downward to a point below the elbow.

As mentioned above, there are three coat types. The smooth haired variety has a short coat that is dense, shiny and glossy. The Longhaired is also shiny and glossy but long and somewhat wavy like an Irish Setter coat. The wire coat is short, thick and harsh with a good undercoat. It also sports a beard and bushy eyebrows. Colors may vary from various shades of red to tan to black to dappled. In the United States, Standard Dachshunds average between fifteen and twenty-five pounds while Miniatures range approximately from five to ten pounds. In Germany, separation between standard and miniature Dachshunds is based on chest-circumference.

Best dogs in the world!

My family and I have been Miniature Longhaired Dachshund fanciers for as long as I can remember. They are wonderful show dogs and buddies. They are loyal, loving and #1 companions. Also, they are awesome with my children and other dogs. I would never have another breed.
- dach

Great, fun, loving, high-spirited dogs.

There is no other dog like the Dachshund. Mine was such a delight. These dogs come in Smooth, Longhaired and even Wirehaired. If you get a Dachshund puppy, do not let it jump on the furniture because it can hurt its back very easily. This dog is great with children. My Dachshund was so funny; he used to bark at the wall. This dog is so much fun to have around. This is truly my favorite breed.
- Anonymous

Clown of the dog world.

A very sweet, playful, and comical dog that provides constant entertainment and affection. Disposition with family members and welcome guests is outstanding. Stubborn, not too easy to train. If you are used to a larger dog noted for obedience (i.e., GSD, Golden Retriever) this may not be your cup of tea. If you are looking for a nice, low maintenance companion, or just want a dog with loads of personality this could be an excellent choice. In my opinion, they are not the smartest breed, but their other fine qualities make up for a lot.
- fanto

Perfect companions.

I've had two Miniature Dachshunds so far, and I will never be without one again. Intelligent, curious, and independent, they are also fiercely loyal to a full family (not just one person) and are marvelous little watchdogs and companions. An amazing quality that both Dachshunds I've owned displayed: if they hear someone crying in another room they will always come running to comfort and kiss, and won't leave your side until you've stopped. Their instinct to somehow keep every member of their "pack" intact and cheerful is truly endearing.
- Anonymous

Sweet but lazy.

I own a Miniature Dachshund, whom I adore. He is sweet, caring, nonaggressive or violent, and loving. He is a perfect lap dog. Dachshunds are great for couples or older families. He is extremely lazy. He is picky about food, which makes keeping him on a diet difficult. I've heard this isn't an unusual problem with this breed. Overall, I am greatly satisfied with my lazy dog. I would recommend this breed to anyone who doesn't mind motivating their animal to exercise and is okay with a dog that doesn't remain awake for extended amounts of time when food isn't present.
- Anonymous

Just awesome.

I have had the privilege of being "owned" by four dachshunds and just couldn't imagine my life without them. They have brought more joy and happiness into our household than I could ever write about, and anyone who has ever been around them knows just what I am talking about. Each one has their own special personality and no one Doxie is alike. They are great companions and do well in most situations, and households. Not having kids, they are my children and are as family members. They are almost human in a lot of ways; they seem to sense when I am having a bad day, always manage to make me laugh, they might be small in size, but what they lack in size, they make up for in heart and the love they give back without reservation. Great things come in small packages, and you are in for a treat if you decide to bring one of these little bundles into your home. You will be in for the time of your life, and will wonder how you ever got along without one. They are awesome little dogs! Don't take my word for it, ask anyone who has ever been lucky enough to share their lives with a Doxie, you will never be the same.
- val

Bark, bark, bark!

My particular experience is with Wire daxies - in particular from UK working lines ( imported European working lines ). These dogs are unexaggerated and stylish hounds, but full of va-voom ! Noisy and sensitive to all sorts of neighbourhood noises ... BUT, due to working bloodlines, very trainable. My dog, despite beign warned by the society secretary, that I would, one day, be chasing the dog trying to call it off a scent, has never happened. he is tenacious though - bitches in season pose no problem at all - he will run home to be with his Collie girlfriend! They are quite a loyal and friendly breed ... but always remember they are independent ultimately.
- waxman

My babies!

This is a great breed for people who are affectionate, patient and loving. My boys are not very good with children or other dogs, particularly if introduced too quickly. They definitely need to be introduced to strangers slowly. They love to be cuddled and held, but can also chase balls and frisbies with the best big dog! Quite protective, but not barky, even when the neighbors' dogs are riled up. Not "yappy" barkers. Easy maintenance, but somewhat hard to train due to a definite stubborn streak. Our Mini's love routine, and have not been chewers or leg-lifters, even though neither are neutered. They are our children and bring us so much joy!
- Anonymous

Not too small, not too big, but have the biggest hearts!

My first Dachshund died last year, but gave us eleven years of pure bliss. She was loving, easy, funny, loyal (tried to attack a Rottweiler that got a little too close to me). I loved that dog dearly. When she died, I didn't think I could bear that pain again of losing a dog - but I'm now the proud owner of another Dachshund. She is two months old, and already quite the little charmer. I recommend a Dachshund for families with children - despite their small size, they can run, play, fetch, cuddle, anything at all. The kids at times harrassed Sara, but she never bit, nipped nor even growled, she just played right along with them. I am looking forward to many years with Paula now and I hope that anyone considering Dachshunds will get one, because they WON'T be disappointed!
- triglet

Dachshunds are not "yappy" dogs.

The Dachshund is one of the most wonderful breeds that I have ever encountered. I would like to say that the person that referred to Dachshunds as "yappy" needs to have their head examined! I am owned by one, and have several others that I take care of sometimes. NONE OF THEM has a yapping problem!!!
- Anonymous

Sweet yappy dogs.

Dachshunds are sweet loving dogs but are very "yappy." They are great dogs for companions and are easy to care for. they are basically happy dogs with great energy but know when it is time to settle down. A Dachshund is a good dog for someone looking for a love bug that likes to play and needs attention.
- krazz

Excellent senior companion.

My observations of Daschunds have shown only excellent qualities. I've had my mini-longhair for seven years. After some firm, steady habits, he was squarely housebroken. They are very astute, and full of love. Mine is always worming his way in-between when there is another pooch on my lap. I don't recommend the use of stairs or frequent high jumps(off the bed), as their long bodies tendto entice spinal injuries. Offered lots of love and association, they tend to be very friendly with other people and, usually, dogs. My Daschund has even proven to be an excellent mouser. I've never had a problem with chewing on anything improper, and the only time he digs, is when he's on the trail of a little mouse. Overall, they are beautiful friendly, alert, loving dogs, that are capable of learning a lot.
- satch


Over the years Ive owned six Doxies, and raised many more, and all I can say is wow! These little guys are all heart and brain, not to mention loving. If youre looking for a breed full of personality, loyalty and love look no further. Every Doxie Ive owned has bee a joy, especially my Freya. You've heard the saying "Dogs take on the personality of their owner"? Well with her its true or at least that is what my family says. But if you dont have alot of time to spend with a dog the a Doxie isnt for you, they need lots of love and as cute as they are its hard to deny them. I even had one who had his own chair at the dinner table where he sat a begged bite of lettuce from the family.
- kat

Good breed - Minis not for novices.

Minis - good little lap sized dogs, clowns but not for the novice or meek owner. They require a firm hand to guide them and definate boundries otherwise they will end up dominating, usually ending up with the dog developing a nasty temperament, including excessive barking, nipping, excessive chewing, digging and/or housebreaking failure. I would NOT recommend for house holds with children under age 10. Great for older, experienced dog owners looking for a little buddy to travel with or keep them company or a child substitute. Standards - More stable in temperament, a bit less independant than the mini. Usually good with kids under 10 but would still keep an eye out when with kids 5 and under. A bit less "barky" but still have a tendency to be diggers and chewers. Good for an intermediate owner, some OK for novice owners. Good watchdogs (NOT guard dogs) with a "big" bark in a little body, most will naturally alert when someone ventures onto "thier territory". Overall - Before you get a Dachshund PLEASE be aware that this breed tends towards digging, chewing and barking. If you even think these traits might be a problem for you, consider another breed. My current Dachshund is a (standard size) rescue whose owners gave him up at 5 months because of these very traits. These dogs take work and training, basic obedience is a requirement! In the right home with the right owners they are super little dogs!
- aleeyah

A lot of dog in a small package.

Most people think of the Dachshund as "half a dog high and dog and a half long," or a breed that has back problems, but those of us who are owned by them know them as excellent hunters, fun obedience dogs and great bedwarmers. The breed retains its instinct to hunt all types of game, from birds to rabbits and squirrels to trailing wounded deer. AKC offers both field trials on rabbit and den trials with rats to test the versatility of this great breed. In obedience they challenge the trainer to be inventive in seeing things from their point of view to gain a working relationship. And in the home they have enough bark to be a deterrent to burglars, yet properly socialized, will love everyone who comes through the door, although they have been known to be opinionated about who they consider a friend in their own home. While I wouldn't recommend the Miniatures for a home with small toddlers (they could fall on the dog and injure it), the standard usually has the size to handle it. As with any breed, the proof is in the breeding and it is necessary to investigate the background of the puppy you are buying in order to get a Dachshund that is sound physically, mentally and emotionally. There are genetic problems like PRA, Disc Disease, epilepsy, vWd, and, in double dapples, hearing problems. But with two sizes (Standard and Miniature), three coats (smooth, wire and long) and a multitude of colors you are sure to find a Dachshund to warm your heart.
- will
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