Company History

Hoflin Publishing was founded in Arvada, Colorado in 1975 by Donald R. Hoflin with The Borzoi Quarterly as a hobby. At the time, he was working towards a doctorate in Accounting at the University of Colorado in Boulder. It was so much fun he started a second magazine (The Samoyed Quarterly), and didn’t go back to school for his second year. Back then, the magazines were typeset on an IBM composer (for ads) and IBM Selectric (for content, it was then layed out and shot at 75%). The process camera was in a bedroom, the bathroom doubled as a darkroom.

In 1980, the business was still in the house and there were eight magazines. The magazines were mailed on the kitchen table. That year we leased a 2400 sq. ft. loft in Arvada, Colorado, where all the magazines were carried up a flight of steps, had address labels put on, and carried down the steps and then to the post office (whew!). We remained there until 1983, when we bought the 10,000 sq. ft. building (no steps, with dockhigh loading!) we are currently in. Starting in 1983, we took over the printing of our own magazines.

In 1991 we started printing for other publishers and we now print several other publications in addition to our own. We have a 4-color and two 1-color Heidelberg large-format offset printing presses, in addition to in-house bindery equipment. We design, image, print, bind, and mail our publications in-house.

We are a “new age” company, with employee empowerment.

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