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The Boxer originated in Germany. It’s name comes from a German word that translates to mean bull-biter. It is a cross between various breeds, possibly including Great Danes and English Bulldogs. The breed was first registered in the United States in 1904 but did not become popular in the United States around the time of World War II.

The Boxer is strong and fearless. He is highly affectionate, active, and playful. He can be rowdy or well-behaved, depending on the way he is raised. The Boxer has been used as guide dogs, police dogs, and guard dogs.

The Boxer is medium-sized dog with a square body, short back and strong legs. The skull is lean with a broad muzzle. The upper jaw is slightly tapered. The jaw is normally undershot. The neck is strong and muscular. The topline is level with a high tailset. The chest and hindquarters are muscular and strong. Coat color is fawn or brindle, with a dark mask on the muzzle. Although not required, typical markings include white on the feet, chest, muzzle and a blaze between the eyes. In the United States and some other countries, the ears are cropped and the tail is docked. The coat, which needs little grooming, is short. It is not a good protection from very hot or very cold weather. Typical size of the Boxer is from 22 to 25 inches and 50 to 70 pounds.

Amazing breed.

Boxers ... the perfect dog for anyone who wants an energetic, happy friend. I have a Boxer and all through his life he has done nothing but cheer us all up, make us play when we are unhappy, lies down beside us and stares up with those huge brown eyes asking if you are okay. Even if he is fast asleep he will jump up in a second to go for a walk or to play with us. He is highly intelligent, I have taught him loads of tricks VERY quickly and he remembers them all his life. He loves nothing more than having attention or racing over the beach. Boxers are real family dogs, ALWAYS smiling, and always there for you. The only downside is that they have such short lives for such beautiful, friendly dogs. And if you don't have the time or will to constantly play with, fuss or walk your Boxer then I suggest you get another breed &shyp; they love their lives and don't like sitting around!
- silro

Bounce, bounce, bounce!

What a hilarious little dog! Our Boxer has been with the family for six years now and has been a pure joy. This breed is active, happy, and a true family member. She has adapted to the addition of two children and two horses to our home without trouble. For such a large, active dog she is incredible with our children. Right from the start she seemed to understand that the kids were to be 'put up with' under any circumstances ... stealing of her food, pulling her ears, and poking her in the fanny (babies will try to explore about anything, won't they?!). And she always seems to put herself between the kids and an unknown person or dog. The Boxer is a wonderful family companion. Things to consider: LOTS of energy, very little shedding, no doggy smell, rarely needs bathing, very exuberant ... will bounce on and around anyone if not trained early on, SMART and easy to train. I would definitely recommend this breed for a family who enjoys a happy companion. Not for yard-dog situations as they can be sensitive to extremes in temperature.
- MJ

Find their way into your heart easily.

Having owned several Boxers over the years (as well as several other breeds), I am confortable in saying that they just are the best. A Boxer will entertain themselves and remain forever young at heart. A very loyal, family oriented companion with wonderful qualities. Boxers are easily trained and constantly strive for approval and happiness from their family members. Our male Boxer truly understands several words/meanings and trained very easily in obedience. They are beautiful dogs who are wonderful with children. I would expect complete satisfaction if you choose to own a Boxer.
- Anonymous

THE best family dog around!

Over the years, my heart and home has been overrun with many a Boxer. Some came to me of my own choosing, others found their way into my home because they were rescues that were in desperate need of someone to love them ... they had been abused, mistreated, or starved nearly to death. Friends and family always knew who to call on when there was a Boxer in need! Be prepared to have your heart broken when it is time for them to leave, I have dealt with that trauma time and again but will continue to do so because they are such a wonderful breed that I cannot ever imagine being without one. As I speak, one is lying next to my chair. She's my constant companion no matter where I go, and she LOVES to ride in the truck....even if it's just a trip to the grocery store. These dogs are definitely family-oriented animals that want to be with their people at all times. If you want a dog that is an "occasional" companion, then a Boxer is NOT for you! They are a very, very needy breed, and their hearts are easily broken. They are true pleasers and fast learners when socialized properly and taught from an early age. Rare is the Boxer that has required more than "the look" from Mom as a reprimand! All I have to do is put my hands on my hips, cock my head, and say quietly, "What did you do?" and the answer is a quite heartbroken look on one of the most expressive faces in the dog world. They never cease to amaze me with their level of intelligence. Boxers are high energy dogs that require devotion, patience, a never-ending supply of love (and the occasional treat) in order to thrive. Do not expect to purchase a Boxer and have them live outside unless you live in a very mild climate. Their very thin coat does not predispose them to doing well in colder climates. We live in northwestern Wyoming on a ranch near Yellowstone National Park, and our girl lives inside with us. When she ventures out at the coldest part of winter it doesn't take long and she's heading back to the front door. So we keep a nice toasty dog blanket on her for our outdoor activities and she does fine. Just be conscious of your pet's comfort level and do not subject them to what you yourself would not want to be subjected to. They are clean, easily groomed, all-in-all well mannered, and just a general joy to be around. They are all real "talkers" and are very expressive. If you pay attention, you will learn your Boxer's "language". My husband still laughs because I know the difference between the "my food bowl is empty"..."I need outside"..."I need some attention"..."I want a treat"... and the "I love you!" whines and noises that my girl makes. They are wonderful family companions and guardians, and every Boxer I've ever been around has loved children. They are very strong dogs due to their build, so can be a little rough at times simply by accident. It is, however, amazing to watch just how gentle they can intentionally be with a very small child or new puppy. They are aptly named as they love to use their front legs in play with their people or other animal companions. Mine even wants to work stock with our Blue Heeler. All in all, I cannot think of a better all-around breed than the Boxer. I've had numerous breeds over the years, and Boxers still top the list. If you want a loyal, intelligent, easily trained, love-sponge, then the Boxer is for you. Just be aware that once they make their way into your heart, you'll never be without one. I know we won't!
- rocky

Boxers can be anyone's best friend.

Boxers can be anyone's best friend. My Boxers have been there for me through thick and thin. My mother had one next to her up to her death and I plan to also. Our families are not threatened by them, but they can hold away the nastiest of bad guys. My guys LOVE children and other dogs. Whether I ask them to perform in the show ring or the obedience field &shyp; my guys never whine and complain &shyp; they are quick to please and very fun to be around. Though stubborn at times a Boxer is the best breed in the world! I prefer my fur kids over real kids! Boxers rule and the rest drool!
- idel

A loyal and loving friend.

I have now owned a Boxer for almost two years and I have come to feel that this breed is one of the most loving and attentive dogs you will ever meet. The Boxer is so happy to see you when you get home. They are family-oriented dogs and must be wherever their family is. They are loyal and faithful and very smart. They do require a fair amount of activity and patience. They also require a sense of humor. They are a lighthearted breed who will fill your heart and make you fall in love with them.
- Anonymous

These dogs love to play, and they prefer children to adults.

Boxers are crazy about children. They will tolerate all kinds of attention from a toddler. They tend to adopt their children and they are distressed when a child cries. I grew up with Boxers and I don't know anything about them that is undesirable. They are clean, short-haired, and all around good-looking dogs. They are obedient, but they can be sneaky, too: our dog once licked half the meringue off a lemon pie that was sitting on a kitchen counter. I guess she thought we wouldn't notice. They are very strong dogs, and can jump about three feet straight up--like a pogo stick. They can be rough, accidentally, because their bodies are so muscular and compact. They are enthusiastic and loving dogs. They love to go places, and they will do just about anything you ask of them.
- Anonymous

One of the best "house" breeds one could ever own!

As a current Boxer owner who has owned many other breeds in the past, this one rates number one on my list by far. They are clean, happy animals, who are willing to run and romp and play and have a great time with Mom and Dad. They are definitely HOUSE dogs, however, since they have only one layer of fur which cannot accommodate the colder climates. They also are People dogs, needing to be with their family wherever they happen to be. Being short-haired, Boxers are easy to groom, and don't shed nearly as much as some of the other breeds I have owned. To me, they are the perfect, family-oriented, medium-sized dog.
- bek

Boxers and kids go together.

A Boxer can be anything you want him/her to be! He in an intelligent dog and loves people, but he will protect those he loves from harm. We raised Boxers for years and at one time had 5 boxers in our home. They are very well behaved, but can be very playful and seldom grow into a sedate, solemn lump. They are gentle with children and mine would put up with ear pulling and investagating, teeth checking,lip pulling, and were ofter used as a seat or seat for a visiting baby. Of course, they sometimes defend themselves by removing themselves from the area of torment with never a growl or snarl. He/she needs lots of love by family members and is quite often willing to share his.her food with the youngest family members. They can be trained to be excellent guard dogs or most anything you might require.
- Anonymous

Great all-around family dog,

From the first time I laid eyes on a little sad faced fawn colored pup, I knew I had to have one. I have never regreted the impulse. The Boxer is a sleek beauty , medium sized , 40 to 60 lbs. The temperment is exceptional. This is a gregarious dog, active and mischevious at times, a clear indicator of his intelligence. The Boxer is a clean dog, short coat , little shed. The breed was originally intended as a police dog in Germany, They are protective of thier own but never have I had a mean Boxer. This dog loves children and gets on well wth other animals if properly socialized. This is not an outdoor breed. Boxers like thier comfort and are quick to be couch potatoes but the expressive face of a boxer makes it hard to telll them get down. All in all they are a loyal, loving breed, that adapts well to active family life.
- omni

A true family dog.

The Boxer is a short coat breed that requires little grooming. Once a week with a brush should be enough. They do need a lot of exercise to maintain muscle mass though. I have found that they are great house dogs when properly trained. Noted for their gentle nature with children of all ages and loyalty to their respective families, the Boxer can't be been as a companion dog. They need to be a part of the family to be happy and return love tenfold. If you're looking for an oversized lap dog the Boxer may be the dog for you. They are prone to some genetic disorders such as displaysia and cardiomyopathy but buying from a reputable breeder cuts down the likelihood of running into these problems. Overall, the Boxer is an energetic, loyal, loving companion that could be considered a great family dog for all ages.
- howard
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