The Boston Terrier Museum

Ch. Annalee Stinging Sensaton of San-D
Ch. Bandit's Prancing Black Magic ROM

Ch. Beacon's Destin To-Be By Sabe
Ch. Beacon's Do-Go Sunny of Sabe
Ch. CG's Hi Stepn Oui Tamborine
Ch. Diatom's San-D Sea Sprite
Ch. Elite's Back In Black
Ch. Flashpoints O'Henry by San-D
Ch. Gabriel's Lil Bon Jovee
Ch. Genteel's Hot Smooch Pooch
Ch. Genteel's Mark Of Perfection
Ch. Genteel's Turn'N'Heads
Ch. Jabo's Dusty Rose Petals
Ch. Jabo's Keep On Trucking

Ch. Jabo's Little Bo Peep II
Ch. Jabo's Miss Tidal Wave

Ch. Juwell's Colorado Rose O'San-D CD
Ch. Juwell's Cookies and Cream CD
Ch. Juwell's Curb Side Manners
Ch. Juwell's Cute Impression
Am. Int. Ch. Juwell's Designer Maid

Ch. Juwell's Lady Annabelle Rose CDX
Ch. Juwell's Third X's The Charm
Ch. Kap's Hot Flash Q.T. of San-D
Ch. Katbird's Thank You Love
Ch. KC's Bloomin Razzle Dazzle

Ch. KC's Crowd Pleaser
Ch. KC's Ditto Mark

Ch. KC's Genteels Aye Aye Captain
Ch. KC's Little Ray of Sunshine
Ch. KC's Night Watch

Ch. KC's Sweet Success by San-D
Am. Can. Ch. Kimkev's Sundance Kid

Ch. Krak-Mont D.J.
Ch. Krak-Mont's Final Empress
Ch. Krak-Mont's Final Impression

Ch. Lux's Sir Charles Barkley
Am. Can. Int. Ch. Mardou's Avalanch in Motion
Ch. Oui's First Class Frequent Flyer

Ch. Oui's Hi Step'N CocaCola Cowboy CD, ROM
Ch. Oui's Lil Miss Brigitte Bardot

Ch. Ouis Hi Flyin Rocketman of WC
Ch. Oui's Hi Stepn Native Texan
Ch. Oui's Two Step Texas Lottie
Ch. Planters Choice of Jabo's
Ch. Sabe's Star Bright

Ch. Sabe's Whirlish Derby
Ch. San-D's Genteel Glory By QT
Ch. San-D's Lil Blaze of Glory

Ch. San-D's Mighty Gidget By QT
Ch. Sher-Delites Wind-Jammer
Ch. Trader's Most Wanted
Ch. Trader's Pretty Boy Floyd

Ch. Wattses Brilliant Sunglow ROM

Ch. Wattses Captain To The Moon
Ch. Wattses Star Trek Command

Ch. Wattses Sunny Perfection
Ch. Wattses Time Traveler Marty McFly
Ch. WC N Oui's Gone With The Wind
Ch. W.C. N Oui's Once in a Blue Moon

Ch. WC's Mon Ami of Oui
Ch. WC's Victoria's Secret of Oui
Ch. Whats Up Tiger Lily

Ch. Yearsley's Y-Dot Oui Samuel

The Boston Terrier Museum

THE BOSTON TERRIER MUSEUM is a collection of photos of Boston champions and title-holders with 3-generation pedigrees, arranged alphabetically.
If you would like your Boston included (this is a free service), just send us:

1. 1 photo (preferably color, this will be returned). We do not accept electronic files.
2. a 3-generation pedigree.
3. breeder and owner of record.
4. date of birth and death (if known).
5. indicate whether dog or bitch
The photo may be used for the publication of a book of Boston champions or other such use as The Museum deems appropriate in addition to being electronically published on the World Wide Web. Sender hereby warrants that they have the rights to the photo being sent.

The Boston Terrier Museum