Tiopepi Smart Move Cynpam s

Ch. Tiopepi Smart Move CynPam's

Dog 1983-2000
Bred by Mrs. Clare Coxall
Owned by Antoinette & Pamela Woods

Lockranza Hell for Leather
Lochranza Hell's Fire
Lochranza Desdemona
Sire: Am. Ir. Eng. Ch. Tiopepi Typhoon
Beritas Bonaparte
Vernlil Angela from Conersk
Katrima from Conersk
Am. Ir. Eng. Ch. Tiopepi Typhoon
Tiopepi Thunderbolt
Dynamite of Tiopepi
Dam: Tiopepi Tiara
Beritas Bonaparte
Aesthete Shady Lady of Montfleuri
Katrina from Conersk

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