Michanda s Instand Replay

Ch. Michanda's Instant Replay

Bitch 11/19/78-11/23/92
Bred by P. McMullen, J. Winne & L. Koch
Owned by Elizabeth Pedery

Ch. Amberly's White Rock of Delnor
Ch. Syntifny's Piece of the Rock
Ch. Adiona of Aurora
Sire: Can. Ch. Syntifny Snapshot
Cajun's Casque
Syntifny Sandy Van Ry
Windamere's Consentino Doll
Ch. Arundel a Lovin's Spoonful
Ch. Yerbrier Lovem'n'Leavem
Yerbrier Rippling Rhythm
Dam: Can. Ch. Yerbrier Fun'n'Fancy
Hilltop's Prelude in Snow
Merry's Sparkle of Hilltop\
Hilltop's Sherry

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