Ciara s Cindy Lou Whoo

Am. Can. Ch.
Ciara's Cindy Lou Whoo

Bitch 4/16/88
Bred by Glendene Hamilton
Owned by Glendene Hamilton

Can. Ch. Spinnerin's High on Burgundy
Mex. Ch. Spinnerin's Red Burgundyson
Spinnerin's Pepptermind Candy
Sire: Spinnerin's Redson Rogue
Ounced O'Bounce Radar
Spinnerin's Amber Glitter
Veltina's Amber Glitter
Nancy's Red Rascal of Jone's
Jone's Red Ramus
Jone's Jonebriette Le Sharps
Dam: Ciara's Summer Wine
Bragabout Red Reveler
Ciara's Sunrise Serenade
Ciara's Sunrise

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