Baliwick n Collets Lil Indian

Ch. Baliwick n Collets Lil Indian

Dog 5/30/82-6/94
Bred by Ianthe Bloomquist
Owned by Margaret Collet

Ardynas Sergie
Baliwick Ardynas Crackerjac
Baliwick The Hussy
Sire: Baliwick Foxey Indian
Baliwick Razz-Ma-Tazz
Baliwick Foxy Lady
Baliwick Brassie Britches
Ch. Ardynas Gay Gossip
Ardynas Sergie
Ardynas Whisper Words
Dam: Baliwick Ardynas Classy
Baliwick Raising Cain
Baliwick Brassie Britches
Waughope Baliwick Bangle

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