The White Grmn Shepherd Annual


The White German Shepherd Annual




The White German Shepherd Annual - '93, '94, '95, '96, '97, '98, '00, '01, '02, '04, '06
@ $50 + $8 s&h U.S. (+$15 Canada; +$22 Foreign)



Interviews Anne Utter
Special Features White Swiss Shepherds, Arwen by Becky L. Joyce, Cesar Milan by Judy Huston, Puppies Herding by Mona Persson, What Is Flyball? by Nicole Johnson, Running with the Pack by Jean Reeves, The Old Lady in a White Coat by Kathy Sater-Partch, The Many Faces of Lily, Developing a Breeding Program by Donna Beadle, TD Tracking from a Dog's Point of View by Carol Bentz, GSDCA Meeting Presentation by Donna Beadle, Kennel Living Has Its Advantages by Myrna Giles, Why You Should Show Your Dog Yourself by Tracie Karsjens, Sammy's Story by Bridget Toll, The First White Swiss Shepherd Carting Dog by Stephanie Bridge, Wynnter's Journey by Amanda Phillips, Divine Messenger by Kathy Sater-Partch, Nancy: When Kathya Was in the Hospital by Bridget Toll, Improving the Quality of Your Working Dog's Life by Jorn Oleby, A Breeder's Nightmare by Nancy Richmond.





Interviews Kathy Partch
Special Features All About Long-Coated GSDs by Tracie Karsjens, GSD vs. WGSD: It's Not a Black or White Issue! by Aimee Harder, Proper Etiquette for "Joe Public" by Zita Kendall, Lights, Camera, Action! by Gaby von Dollen, The Good White Shepherd by Cindy Zimmerman, Old Dogs in My Heart by Kathy Sater-Partch, Agility Photofolio by Mary Anne Prinkkila-Rogers, No Guts, No Glory by Heather MacLeod, Socializing Puppies and the Myth by Myrna Giles, Finding the Perfect Place for Pooches by Donna Beadle, Poet's Corner by Kathy Sater-Partch, Meet the White Shepherd by Jean Reeves, Showing in the AKC Conformation Ring by Donna Beadle, Grooming the White GSD by Angela Esser, Never Give Up by Sandra Bryson, Recognition of a Breed: Successful or Not? by Ruut Tilstra, Going in a Different Direction by Lynn Conger, Genetics and the Myth by Myrna Giles, White Shepherds in South Africa by Stephanie Bridge, My Little Miracles by Tracie Karsjens, Pet Shop Puppies by S. Bridge, Herding - the Path to Your Dog's Heart by Judy Huston, German Shepherd Breed Standard Analyzed by Judy Grumdahl, My Friend Lobo by Bridget Toll.





Interviews Daphne Hereford
Greats from the Past Ve-Lin's Von Mickee UDT CGC HIC TT
Special Features A Study of Structure by Donna Beadle, Genetic Diversity: Health and Survival! by Judy Grundahl, Searching for ID No. 404C626E44 by Kathy Sater-Partch, Ordinary Dog: Cannon's Story by Mike and Penny Murphy, Many of Each by Marion Lopizzo, My Wonderful Girls - My Seizure Alert Dogs by Becky L. Joyce, Piika's Story - A Rescue Come True by Amie Cook, Farewell, Beloved Teddybear! by Bridget Toll, Saving Casey by Bonnie Ogonowski, Spirit by Zita Kendall, Angels Among Us by Monika Steinbauer, Finding the Perfect White Shepherd by Jjean Reeves, Kyra's Special Seventh Birthday by Judy Huston, FCI Recognition of the Berger Glanc Suisse by Bridgett Toll, My First Year Showing a White Shepherd by Tracie Karsjens, A Peach of a Dog! by Ann Utter, In Search of the Perfect Puppy Buyer by Tonda Beaupre, Grooming Your Dog for the Show Ring by Donna Beadle, Show & Tell: Tribute to Crystal's by Judy Huston.





Interviews Lynn Conger
Special Features Remembering Nikki by S. Beddy, The Health of Our Breed by Dale Malony, A Walking Miracle by M. Koons, Bandit's Destiney by Judy Grumdahl, Sedona by Kathy Partch, The Artist's Dogs by Kathy Partch, How It All Began by Mary Anne Prinkkila-Rogers, The Start of the White Shepherd Breed in Germany by Birgit Stoll, White Shepherd Recognition Committee by Bridget Toll, Potpourri by Donna Beadle, Puppymills by Margaret Stafford, A Story of Faith and Hope by Heather MacLeod, In Memory of a Great Lady by Jacie Treneer & Andrea Cook, Search and Rescue: A Personal Perspective by Sue Lavoie, Heart and Soul by K. Sater-Partch, Baronesse by Bridget Toll, Update on Hip Registries by Fred Lanting, Dogbones by Ralph Walker, The Best Thing I Ever Did Was ... by Lynn Congner, For the Love of Kyra by J. Huston, Fresca's Battle with Addison's Desease by Judy E. Grumdahl, How to Find a Serious and Correct Breeder by Gavy von Dollen.


The White German Shepherd Annual - '93, '94, '95, '96, '97, '98, '00, '01
@ $40 + $4 s&h ($8 in Canada, $12 outside US/Canada)




Interviews Ronda Beupre
Greats from the Past WGSDCI Ch., BIS, U-UD Temderluv's White Fang Treasure UDT, TT, HC, OFA
Special Features Immigrants - New Bloodline for Germany?! by Gaby von Dollen, The White Shepherds by Bridget Toll, Living on the Edge by Kathy Sater-Partch, Tears of Love by Marion Lopizzo, Lumihiutale, Our Snowflake from the North by Gaby von Dollen, So You Want to Breed Your White Shepherd! by Jean Reeves, Treating Pyometra by Judy E. Grumdahl, The Thrill of Herding by Judy Huston, Evolution of a Trainer by Lynn Conger, The White Shepherd in South Africa by Bridget Toll, White Unmasked by Denise Ackley, Health and Genetics Update by Judy Huston, Liebe by Kathy Holmes, Goliath's Story by Aimee Lynn Grumdahl, Guess Who? Carries the White Recessive Gene by Denise Ackly, What Do These Famous Dogs Have in Common? by Denise Ackley, How I Got Hooked by Aimee Lynn Grumdahl, Getting Ready for Agility by Roberta A. Cutshall, The First Full Year by Judy Huston, Alsatian, Impressions of the VWH-WAWSO Show by Fred Lanting.





Interviews Lorrie Moule
Special Features WGS Hall of Fame by Berta A. Haagenstad, White GSD's - Simple Only on the Surface by Denise Ackley, Inbreeding - the Medal's Other Side by Peter von Dollen, Who Picks Whom? by Tom & Kathy Worley, Welcome to the Club by Joyce McDowell, My Composition by Kathy Sater-Partch, Doug Scots of America by Judy Huston, White Shepherd Webpages by Ronda Beaupre, Q's Story by Maruice Seeger, GSDCA Nationals Trip by Denise Mencke, Excellenct ... Times Two by Heather MacLeod, Canine Genetic Deseases by Judy Huston, "Kelly" by Kathy Sater-Partch, Snow Rescue by Joyce Ann Matejcek, The Charm Team by Joyce Ann Matejcek, "Love" at a Dog Show by Marion Lopizzo, A Wonderful Year by Becky L. Joyce, Home Remedies and Training by Lynn Conger, Quijote, Our Swedish Guest by Gaby von Dollen, What to Teach Your New Puppy by Rose Ingram, Angel in White by Pam Koons, UKC Recognition by Jean Reeves, The Sirius (Dog Star) Award by Susan Buddy, Dietary protein and the Kidney by Patricia A. Schenck DVM.





Interviews Linda Gan
Greats from the Past WGS Ch. Hoofprint Charlene, Can. OT Ch. White Fang, Von Romal UD
Special Features DNA and Parentage Verification by Jean Reeves, 101 White Shepherds by Gaby von Dollen, Tracking Down a Dream by Heather MacLeod, Memories by Kathy Sater-Patch, The Clock Is Ticking White by Ruut Tilstra, OFA by Licia Babb, Word Search by Robin Pearce, In Memory of My Close Friend, Carol McChesney by A. Buckner, The White German Shepherd Question by Fred Lanting, Worms by V. Bakker-Steinmetz, My Husband Is Afraid of Big Dogs by Yvonne Borgmann, Love at First Bite by J. McDowell, The 1997 GSDCA National by Denise Mencke, Crazy Girls: Holidays by V. Bakker-Steinmetz, White Shepherd Web Pages on the Internet by Ronda Beaupre, The Case of the Digging Dog, 'Tis the Season by Dawn Antoniak-Mitchell, Iced Sugar by Kay Mills, Living with the Pack by Kathy Sater-Partch, It's Seven Years Since by B. Toll, My Rescue Dog by Nancy Pyeron, Our White German Shepherds by Bob & Katy Holmes, Why Should We Breed to the Standard? by Rose Ingram, Another Year Gone By! by B. Joyce, My House Slipper Hero by Brigitte Toll, Zeus' Story by Judy Huston, A Litter for My Female by Gaby von Dollen.


Interviews Bonnie Ogonowski, Nancy Swanner
Greats from the Past Lucy's Bronco Edlu-Mibach RX, WGSDCI Ch. Jo-els Honey RX, Lobo White Burch, Hoof Print Heidi RXO, Can. OP
Hall of Fame V-Lin's Kaiser The Role
Special Features I Didn't Say by Bonnie Ogonowskim The Blessing Hands Way by R. Tilstra, Laila's Journey to Moscow by B. Behlen, Love Is All That Matters by Pam and Michelle Koons, Miranda and Starburst in 4-H by Miranda Reeves, De Witte Herer Vereninigin, Netherlands
by B. Toll, L. Proulx, M. Stafford and R. Beaupre, For the Love of These Dogs by Marion Lopizzo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Though, Romeo? by Ronda Beaupre, White Triumphs in Canadian Ring by Heather MacLeod and Lynda Proulx, Body Language by Rose Ingram, Against All Odds by L. Bann and L. Bassett-Shaftoe, The Large and Small of It by Jeanie Murphy, Vital Bonds Between Man and Beast by Kathy Sater Partch, Cheese! An Incomplete Drama by Fiala, Tatooing Puppies, When and Where by Ronda Beaupre, The Puppy from Hell Club by Gayle Arrington, My Shining Star by Becky L. Joyce, Crazy Girls and a Boy by V. Bakker-Steinmetz, Promise of a Dream by Judy Huston, WGSDCI, Inc. Breed Standard, Keepers of the Standard by L. Babb, Judge's Spotlight with Ric Chashoudian by B.A. (Bart) Miller


Interview Joyce Ann Matejcek
Special Features A Very, Very Special Dog by Joyce Ann Matejcek, The Night Ziggy Earned His Food by Purky Kidder, Who Am I? by Peter and Gaby von Dollen, I Love Tracking! by B. Ogonowski, "Joe" by George & Fritzie Seger, Let Them Play -- Or The Amazing Self-Cleaning Coat by Jean Reeves, Federal Union for WGS by O. Radke, Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues by Bobbye Ann Land, Communication by Cherie Starr, Crystal's Story by Jeanie Murphy
Luger, the Wonder Dog by M. Koons, An Interview with Betty McHugh by B.A. (Bart) Miller, From Unwanted to Loved by Rose Ingram, For Those We Love by Jean Reeves, A Dream Come True: A White German Shepherd by Judy Huston, Dog Biscuits Deluxe, Unconditional Love by Lori Kovitch, Developing a Breeding Program by Diann Sullivan, What Constitutes Greatness in a Producing Dog? by P. Ormos, You're Out of Order! by Lisa Braunstein-LaMere, The Second Time Around by Pamela Koons, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea! by T. Straaten, How to Predict Ovulation in the Bitch by Laurie Martin, A New Attitude toward Obedience Training by Bev Ellison, The Perfection Syndrome by E. Krokosz, The Dogs by Katie Asling, Hearing Dogs Get Personal by Stephanie Smith, Health Notes by Sheila Morrissey, Little Lisa's Story by Marla Wahl, Globetrotting Canines by S. Hively, Inconveniences of Shedding Dogs by Carol Harris, Tale of a Stud


Interview Gloria Mekelburg
Greats from the Past Ch. Scofield's Rex von Finn CD
Special Features Top Dogs by Ronda Beaupre, Goats on the Menu? by M. Blutreich, Lost Boy, Lost Dog by C. Niedowicz, Obedience ... You Are Part of the Team by Bonnie Ogonowski, No Play by W.R. Tilstra, Dispelling the Myth About White German Shepherds by D. Hereford, Let's Play Flyball by Michelle Koons, Hip Dysplasia Discussion by Daphne Hereford, A Message from Mandy by J. Reeves, Food by Vie Bakker-Steinmetz, Whites Battle for Rights by Robin Pearce, Movie Dog by Marion Lopizzo, Key to Titles, Awards and Certificates by Diana Pipoly and Ronda Beaupre, Digestive System, A Second Chance for Fenris by Kathy Sater Partch, Kaiser by Robin Pearce, To Be or Not To Be? by Terri Vest, Obtaining an "ERN" by Diana Pipoly, Senior Dogs, Seizures by Connie Brunkow DVM, An Interview with Anne Clark by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Gone to the ... Cats! by S. Hamilton, Bettering the Breed by Scott Wilhelm, Assistance Dogs by Toni and Ed Eames, Canine Good Citizen Update, Question & Answer by Dan Fleitas, The Liveliest in the Litter by Edward Wahl, Animal Blood Bank by Jeann Silver, Breed Characteristics by Donna Jagodzinski, The Other Obedience by Emily Krokosz, Did You Ever Wonder Why? by Kathy Main, Training Your Puppies by Clarice Rutherford, Dog Protection by L. Hulberts, Ehrlichiosis by Pat Jones, Responsible Dog Ownership by Judy Kovitch, Dogs & Diet


Interview Joanne Chanyi
Greats from the Past Hoof Print Pancho RX, OP, OVC
Special Features Top Dogs by S. Kirchwaym Training a Search and Rescue Dog by Beth Barkley, Opportunity Knocks by N. Swanne, V & RX Rated Dogs and Bitches by Ronda Beaupre, Dogs vs. Bitches by Licia Babb, UKC Conformation by R. Beaupre, Do Whites Have Rights? by Gordon Garrett, Helping Baby's Ears by D. Pipoly, S. Updike and J. Tittl, How to Become a Breeder by Ruut Tilstra, Picking the Right Puppy by Kathy Sater-Partch, You Have HOW Many Puppies? by Jean Reeves, Sheep Herding in Germany by Lorrie Moule, The Long Road Back by Bert A. Haagenstad, Who Am I? by Sherry Kirchway, A White in the Jr. Handling Ring by Michelle Koons, The Question of Temperament by Joanne Chanyi, Return Home by Brigitte Toll
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? by L. Drouin and K. Henderson, The Dog Expert by Virginia Devaney, Obedience by B. Ogonowski, OFA Hip Evaluation Standard by E.A. Corley DVM, Reducing the Incidence of HD, The Lucrative Art of Collecting by Daphne Hereford, Holistic Viewpoint on Vaccinations by Stephen Tobin DVM, An Open Letter by T. Mancuso
Whelping Checklist by D. Pipoly, Brucellosis by Larry Wallace, The Novice by L. Braunstein-Wallace, The Art of Mooching by T. Bouyet, Rescue by Tina Thomas Smith, Rabies by Patricia Schenck DVM, The First Litter by Pam Koons


Interview Beth Barkley
Greats from the Past V. Jo-El's Tezrah OVC, U-CDX V. Regalwise Ideal Reka CDX, TD, HC, CGC, Can. CD, RX, V. Sherry's Magnificent Mongo RX
Special Features Canada's Match by J. Chanyi, Puppy Training by R. Beaupre, Schutzhund by Patti Edwards, Echo: An Obedience Success Story by Gayle Arrington, One Billion Heartbeats by J.N. Peck, 1st Conformation Show &shyp; Tips to Get You Through by D.L. Pipoly, Decision: Love or Destroy by P. Koons, Angels with Wet Noses by R. Pearce, White GSDs at CKC Championship Shows by Lynda Proulx, Search & Rescue by Beth Barkley, Contracts and Guarantees by J. Tittl, V & RX Rated Dogs and Bitches by Sherry Kirchway, Crystal's Story by J.N. Peck, The WGS Has a New Job by Cheryl Dutkiewicz, Story of a Seizure Detection Dog by Mike Goehring, Obedience ... Many Roads Lead to Success by B. Ogonowski, How to Become a Successful Dog Breeder by Joanne Chanyim White GSDs &shyp; A Breed Apart? by Denise Coynem An Answer for Kimba by Lisa Moorem So You Want to Herd? by L. Moulem, The Rin Tin Tin Story by D. Hereford, Beyond Conformation by D. Pipoly, The Story of Denmark's White GSD Club (HSK DK) by T. Christensen, Ethical and Responsible Breeding by Licia Babb, My Dog Spot by Linda Proulx, Once Upon a Time in Europe by Ruut Tilstra, White Shepherds Worldwide? by Ronda Beaupre, Care of the Geriatric Dog by Robin Pearce, A Pet of My Own by M. Koons, The Hard Way by P. Edwards, So You Wanna Be a Star? by Chucky, Dr. Moses &shyp; A True Story by Diana Pipoly