The Welsh Corgi Annual


The Welsh Corgi Annual



The Welsh Corgi Annual - '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '06, '08, '09, '10
@ $50 + $8 s&h U.S. (+$15 Canada; +$22 Foreign)



Interviews Joyce Gotchall and Linda Munoz and The Rev. Dr. Patrick Ormos
Greats from the Past Ch. Caralon's Q-T Sequoya
Special Features MyHero, Safari by Elaine Ballman, Three Generations by Judy Proia, Tips for Handling Your Corgi in Obedience by Janice Tesch, My Corgis Then and Now by Mary Fine, Beginnings and Byways by Kim Shira, The Versatile Cardigan Welsh Corgi by Lori Frost, Quantifying Greatness by Rev. Patrick Ormos, Socialization and Training by Bill Bobrow, Curing Cancer, Four Paws at a Time by Diann Sullivan, Pros and cons of Living with Siblings by Joan B. Guertin.


The Welsh Corgi Annual - '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '06, '08, '09
@ $50 + $8 s&h ($15 outside US)




Interviews Kathleen Broska & Margaret Thomas, Cathy Ochs-Cline
Greats from the Past Am. Can. Ch. Gladiator of Rode UD, Can. CDX
Special Features The Artist's Eye by Robin Hoss-Walker, My 30 Years in Corgis by Linda Muglach, Ethics and Dog Breeding By Rev. Dr. C. Patrick Ormos, Make Training Fun for Your Corgi by Janice Tesch, "Not in My Kennel," by Rev. Dr. C. Patrick Ormos, Our Dogs by Joan B. Guertin, Managing Multiples by J.B. Guertin, Judging the Cardigan Welsh Corgi by Rev. Dr. C. Patrick Ormos, Life Passages by Ruth Kellogg, Closing the Gap by C.L. Battaglia, Sidegait of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi by Linda Muglach, Behind the Scenes at Westminister by Carol Hjort.





Interviews Terry Hansen, Stephanie Hedgepath
Special Features Selecting and Raising a Performance Corgi by Janice Tesch, Corgi Crazy by Carol Ecker, My Coirgi Foreman by Sue Sebring Corgis - Clever Canine Clowns by Joan B. Guertin, Degenerative Myelopathy by Millie Williams, Grooming the Corgi for Show by Stephanie Hedgepath, Oh, What Does Fate Have in Store? by Vassie Larivee-Sebring, Chosing the Right Sire by Dr. Carmen Battaglia Coat Care in the Fluffy by M. Williams and S. Hedgepath, New Frontiers in Genetics by Barbara Fawver.





Interviews Marian Johnson, Margaret Downing
Special Features Dates with a Fluffy! by Joan B. Guertin, Teaching Your Cogri Puppy to Heal by Janice Tesch, Shomewhere Over the Rainbow (Bridge) by Carol Roggeman, Reincarnation - Until We Meet Again by Kazuko Oda, The Irrepr4essible Fluffy by Joan B. Guertiin, My Rescue, Ben by Beth Magnus, The Queen's Corgis, Lucy's Story by Beth Magnus, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort.





Interviews Adrienne Saffell, Doris Slaboda
Spotlighting the Judge Pat Hastings
Special Features Makin' Tracks by Carol Roggeman, Rally Obedience by Janice Tesch, Little Man Sam by Arlene Rooney, Unique Corgi Books in Japan by Kazuko Oda, Leash Training and Obedience for Puppies by Sue Strickland, 'Tis the Season by Dawn Anoniak-Mitchell, Saying Good-Bye by Joan B. Guertin, Canine Genetic Disease by George A. Padgett DVM, Corgis: You Can't Have Just One by Cassie Larivee-Sebring, A Look Back, Understanding Proper Foot Care by Kathy Coffman, Be Mentor ... Be a Friend by Nancy Washburn.





Interviews Deb Shindle and Marilyn Van Vleit & Donna Newton
Special Features If Only Cute Could Win Dog Shows by Bob Bestler, Mere Madness or Making Magic by Nelda Reed, Canine Athletes Strut Their Stuff by Joan B. Guertin, A Daughter's Memorial by Carol Swinney, Breeding Pembrokes by Elaine Erganbright, The Value of a Mentor by J. Guertin, Louder than Words by Carol Roggeman, The Perfect Dog by Therese and Dean Teasdale, Enchanting Corgi Antics by Sue Sebring, Care of Hepatic Encephalopathy by Kazuko Oda, Entering Your First AKC Agility Trial by Janice Tesch, Spotlighting the Judge with Walter Pinkster by B.A. Miller, Lyme Disease by Jodi Marcus.





Interviews Pat Jensen and Janice Edwards & Joan Gibson-Reid
Greats from the Past Cadet's Standing Room Only and Ch. Honeyfox Naughty Nutmeg ROM
Rankings Obedience, Top Breeders, and Top Producers
Special Features Experiences with Hepatic Encephalopathy by Kazuko Oda, Uncle! by Carol Roggeman, Handling Your Corgi in Agility by Janice Tesch, The Artist's Eye by Jill Miller, The Lighter Side of Whelping by Sue Sebring, Sending Puppies Abroad by Myrna Bazzell, Second, Third or Fourthhand Corgis by Kim Kilmer-Ford, Preparing Puppies for Their New Homes by Joan B. Guertin, A"Special" Day Indeed by Nelda Reed, Buyer Beward by Myrna Bazzell, Doggerel by Joan Guertin, Veterinary Corner by Joanne Reichertz DVM, Puppymill Report 200s by Joan Guertin.




Interviews Sally Bishop, Elaine Erganbright & Carol Swinney
Greats from the Past Ch. Magnum of Vennwoods ROMX, Am. Mex. Ch. Pera Brigwyn Blue UDT PCE ROM VC, Ch. Rhydowen Genesis of Belukha ROM
Rankings Conformation, Obedience, Top Breeders, and Top Producers, Who Puts Up What, Obedience
Special Features Via the Internet, Ian and the Corgi Cruiser by Arleen Rooney, It Can Happen to You by Sue Sebring, Corgi Artists in Japan by Kazuko Oda, Getting Ready for the Show Ring by Myrna Bazzell, How One Person Got into Dogs by Nelda Reed, Creating and Selecting the Multi-Task Cardigan by Sarah Nott, Cardigans in Alaska by Pat and Susan Petersen, Sharon Young and Kathy Seube, Remembering Elaine by Corgi Fanciers, Breed Characteristics of the Welsh Corgi by Stephanie S. Hedgepath, An Author's Tale by Joan Guertin, Training the Multi-Task Cardigan by Sarah Nott, The Pied Piper - the Making of a Hearing Dog by Joan Guertin.





Interviews Liisa Luca, Mary Greenwood & Dede Rodgers
Greats from the Past Ch. Davenitch Shiloh Luca
Rankings Conformation, Obedience, Top Breeders, and Top Producers, Who Puts Up What
Special Features Happy Legs by Deb Shindle, It's a Dog's Life by Carol Roggerman and Hobby, Schenka, Gift of Love to the School Children by Nelda Reed, Size 3-T, Please by Sue Sebring, The Makeover by Arleen Rooney, Owning a Boarding Kennel by Joy Tonkyn, The Puppymill Threat by Joan B. Guertin, Jump to the World by Kazuko Oda, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort.





Interviews Deborah S. Harper, Mrs. William F. Frank
Greats from the Past Usherhaus Cadi Y Camallt CDX
Rankings Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Top Breeders, and Top Producers
Special Features The Joys of Moving House by Joy Tonkyn, Feeding for Better Health by Joan B. Guertin, Color Genetics: An Introduction by Patrick Ormos, What Is an Obedience Dog? by Carol Roggerman, Herding by Sarah Nott, The Special Things about Irish Shows by Margo Hackney, Tips on Grooming and Training by Pat Jensen, Ian of Anton by Arleen Rooney, You're Being Watched by CArol Roggerman, Corgis in Japan '98-'99 by Kazuko Oda, Katie by Myrna R. Bazzell, That Special One by Sue Sebring, Crufts 1999, Westminster 1999 Midwife Crisis by Babs Land.



1998 (SORRY - now sold out)


Interviews Tasha Tudor, Dr. Pat Parsons & Helen (Scootie) Sherlock
Greats from the Past Aust. Am. Ch. Dearways Fandango, Ch. Larhone Orson of Wey
Rankings Conformation, top breeders, and top producers, Who Puts Up What.
Special Features Herding: Overcoming a Baa'd Start by Sarah Nott, So You Want to Be a Judge by Danelle Brown, The Artists's Eye by Carol Swinney, Travels with Cardi by Sarah Nott, Colan Corgis at Pembroke by Arleen Rooney, Herding Instinct Test by Myrna Bazzell, Top Obedience Corgis, Learning Experiences by Carol Roggerman, When Shows Were Fun by Myrna Bazzell, This & That from an "Over the Hill" by Senior Elain P. Erganbright, The Do-It-All Dog by Jennifer Roberson, Bridging New England by Beverly Muhlenhaupt, Reba's Story by Susan Strickland, Breed Type Development in Cardigan Welsh Corgis by C. Patrick Ormos, Westminster - the Rich and Famous by Sandra Balfe, What's an "Attitude"? by Janice Thomas, Corgis in Japan by Kazuko Oda.