The Papillon Annual


The Papillon Annual



The Papillon Annual - '93, '94, '95, '96, '97, '98, '99, '00, '01, 02, '04, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10' 11
@ $58 including s/h ($65 including s/h outside US)



Interviews Nancy Pinke and Sharon Newcomb
Special Features Westminster 2011, Levi: from Rescue to AKC Show by Jana B. Nussdorfer, It Can Happen to You by Susan Austin, The Show Dog and Agility by Denise Welsh, Beware of Jumping on the Bandwagon by Dr. Al Grossman, The Basics of How to Groom & Show a Papillon by Jeri Naylor, The Heart of Dog Rescue by Lyn McLaughlin, Pappy, A Special Little Dog by Noeline Quinn, The Papillion in Agility Rule Book by Loré Hill, Canine Vaccination Protocol by W. Jean Dodds DVM, Potential Dog Park Diseases by Nancy Kay DVM

The Papillon Annual - '93, '94, '95, '96, '97, '98, '99, '00, '01, 02, '04, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10
@ $50 + $8 s&h U.S. (+$15 Canada; +$22 Foreign)


Interviews June Peterson, Carol Wolf
The Artist's Eye Pamela Lee
Top Breeders, Top Producers
Behind the Scenes at Westminster
Carol Hjort
Special Features Four Papillons by Sandy Kiel, Picture Your Papillon by Claire Anne Ahern, Toilet Training Your Papillon by Noeline Quinn, Potpourri by Jana Nussdorfer, Challenges and Priorities forthe Phalene Breeder by Leslie Tracy, Showing: the Feeling from Start to Finish! by Karen Byrd, Safety in Numbers? by Theresa Richard, Zoonotic Disease in Dogs by Trudy Sample, Jadedoren Paris by Denish Walsh.


Interviews Arlene Czech, Dorothy Hageman
Greats from the Past Ch. Blooman Parisian Thunder
The Artist's Eye Noeline Quinn
Top Breeders, Top Producers
Behind the Scenes at Westminster
Carol Hjort
Special Features Dog Training Made Easy by H. Gleason, Autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia by Hazel Barr, The Crufts Experience - The Honor of Judging by Jean Banfield, Our Story by Sally Howard, Thoughts by Claire Anne Ahern, The Wonders of Modern Technology by Noeline Quinn, Sasha's Story .. The Do Everything Papillon by Anne Nettles, Puppy Love by Jana Nussdorfer, You Amazing Pap Puppy - Training Secrets Jana Nussdorfer, Getting Started Showing and Breeding by Tammy Forjtney, Dogs - A Spiritual Journey of Sorts by Karen Byrd, Showing by Susan Austin, Advances in Reproduction and AI by Noeline Quinn, Living a Life in the World of Purebred Dogs by Sandy Kiel.





Interviews Deborah Cawley
Greats from the Past Ch. Ken Mar Thunder Chheif SOM
Breeders' Spotlight Steve & Regina Adams, Joyce Hayes, Anita Wright, Tammy Fortney, Mary Jo Loye, Pearl George, Noeline Quinn
Special Features Commentary by Helen Angle, Salwa Alfadl - the "Mystery Lady" by Jana Nussdorfer, Socialization of the Show Puppy by Susan C. Austin, Papillons in Japan by Chie Ejima, Living with Papillons by Karen Murad, Papillon Basics by Rita Koy, Hot Topic in the Breed by Jana Nussdorfer, Remembering Majorie Boughan by Carolyn Mills, Two Handlers' Tales by Meghan Frankland and Joy Maes, Pieces of the Puzzle by Jill Riley, Papillon Pack Leader by Jo Buntrock, Advicr for Starting a Breeding Program by Roseann Fucillo, Scrappy Puppy by Janice Mann, OTCH "Hello Dolly" Retires by Bonnie Lee, Memoirs of Elmac by Eleanor MacDonald, A Breeders' Poem, Questions & Answers with Annie Nettles, Ticket to Ride the AKC Train by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, The Papillon in Agility by Lore Hill, Starting a Show Prospect Puppy by Carolyn Mills, Collector's Corner by Judy Kovitch.





Interviews Linda Buss, Karen Mountain & Alan Barbee
Special Features Litter Size and the Singleton by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia, Ivan's Story by Jackie Krieger, Making Your Own Bed by Nola Westren, Papillons: The "Do Everything" Toys by Jana Biefeld Nussdorfer, Papillon Tops 1000+ AKC Lifetime OTCH Points by Bonnie Lee, The Entertainment Committee by Ellen Dresselhus, Where Will Your Pets Go? by Lori Chapek-Carleton, There's Something About Papillons by Clover Allen, Feeding Newborn Puppies by Tubing by Tawnya Bobst and Shelby Stevens, Groomiing Papillons' Feet and Legs by Carolyn J. Mills, Dog Show History, Agility Rules! by Lore Hill.





Interviews Arvilla White, Ned & Sharon Shevelson
Greats from the Past Am. Can Ch. Bloom-An's Windsurfer CGC
My First Papillon Carolyn Mills
Special Features JKC Mie Imperial Papillon Club by Jean Banfield, Dog Day on the Town by Kathy M. Lawson, The Engllish Gentleman by Rita Koy, Do You Own a Papillon? What a Trip! by Clover Allen, AKC's Top Obedience Dog by Bonnie Lee, It's a Cruel, Cruel World by Trudy Sample, Clicker Training by Debbie Smith, Brie's Story by Pauline Rousseau, Canine Genetic Disease by George A. Padgett DVM, The Right Start by Sophia Grossi, Q&A with Kathy Taylor by Jan Nussdorfer, Parables by Bart Biller.





Interviews Tracy Burdick, Ilsa Sternberg
Greats from the Past Ch. Loteki Denzel Svengali CD, Ch. Glenmary's Holly Wreath CD, Ch Domino Top Sergeant SOM
Special Features Newborns in Trouble bny Nancy Washburn, Veterinary Corner by Dr. Joanne Reichertz DVM, A Letter from Ajax by Ricci Dawson, Encouraging Versatility in the Papillon Puppy by Stacy Harris, The Value of Mentors by Clover Allen, Building a Solid Foundation by Rita L. Koy, Over the Top by Amcy Scher PhD, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort, Novice to OTCH in Less than Nine Months by Bonnie Lee, The Papillon in Agility by Lore Hill.





Interviews Marjorie Boughan, Tom & Debbie Hutchison
Greats from the Past Ch. Pipistrelle Claire The Loon
Rankings Obedience, top breeders, top producers
Special Features Vet's Corner by J. Reichhertz DVM, A Brief History of the Papillon by Harold Gell, So You Think You Want to Steward by Melanie Harwood, Progressing in Truth and Beauty by Claire Anne Ahern, Raising Papillons with Children by Rita L. Koy, Truisms in Dog Breeding by Ruth I Kellogg, Calculating the Aging Process by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia, Dawg-Gone It, We've Gone to the Dogs! by Nancy Fanning-Dennis, No People Like Dog People by Lu Capra, Behind the Scenes at Westminster 2002 by Carol Hjort, Bites, Breath and Benevolent Breeding by E.R. Eisner DVM.





Interviews Harold & Sallyu Gell, Shirley Schwartz
Greats from the Past Eng. Am. Ch. Melchester Bowman of Lordsrake JW
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, top producers, who puts up what
Special Features Veterinary Corner by Jjaonne Reichertz DVM, How I Got Started by Tyson Pate, My First Papillon by Claire Ann Ahern, A Match Made in Heaven? by Carol Ochs, Fascinaing Phalenes by Pearl A. George, Joys and Heartaches of Breeding by Jean Banfield, Attitude Is What Counts by Clover Allen, Poet's Corner by Carol Kufner, Inside the Breed Standard by Roseann Fucillo, Phalenes in Canada by Moira Ure, The Golden Show by the Golden Gate by Pearl A. George, Arielle by Carol Ochs, Behind the Scenes at Westminster 2001 by Carol Hjort.





Interviews Tina & David Moran, Dorothy Kralik
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, top producers, who puts up what
Special Features Papillons in Service by Debi Davis, The Careful Breeder by Bonnie Primus, Me and My Shadow by Helga Turmon, Stolen! by Jill Riley, Papillon Potpourri by Betty Borla, Phalenes by Kitty Sjong, Judgin in Finland by Jean Banfield, #1 Toy in Obedience by bonnie Lee, Crufts 2000, The Performance page by Barbara Cecil, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort, Bebe in Agility by Barbara Cecil, Stress-Proff Paps by Barbara Cecil, Developing High Achievers by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia, The Gates of Heaven by Anonymous.





Carol W. Ochs, John Oulton
Greats from the Past Am. Can. Ch. Machere Dark N'Handsome
Rankings Conformation, agility, top producers, top breeders, who puts up what
Special Features Papillon Paraphernalia by Carolyn Roe, Little Dog Lost by G. Darnell, From Death's Door to Champion by Molly (Jean Banfield), Phalenes by Kitty Sjong, Puppy Mill Rescue Story by Jill Riley, Lore's Look at Agility by Lore Hill, Pros and Cons of Natural Nutrition by Melanie Schlaginhaufen, The Phalene Papillon by Pearl George, Papillons Fly at the 1998 National! by Gerianne Darnell, Gerianne and Rumor by G. Darnell, "Ears Why by Bonnie Primus, Top Ten Inconveniences of a Shedding Dog by Carol Harris, The National Specialty and Phalenes by Pearl George, Living Happily Ever After by Clover Allen, Judging Papillons in the Midlands by Frank Urban, Pearls of Wisdom by Pearl George, The (Rat) Terminator - a Rat Tale by Deena Morando, Westminster 1999 by Sandra Balfe, Crufts 1999, Showing Dogs in States Kennel Club Shows by Mary Belle Adelman, Is This the Oldest Dog in Britain? by Michael Harvey.





Interviews Linda and Stanley Sohn
Greats from the Past Am. Can. Ch. Jaclair's Doodles of Josandre CDX
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top producers, top breeders, who puts up what
Special Features Lore's Look At Agility by Lore Hill, A Tribute to Clarice Babbidge by Carol McLaughlin and Mary Jo Loye, Why Do Dogs Do That? by Betty Borla, Papillons Are Notust Pets! by Helga Turmon, Agility ... the Hottest New Sport in Dogdom by Cheryl Fischer, Confessions of an Agility Addict by Gerianne Darnell, The Phalene Papillon by Pearl A. George, Dog Shows from One Generation to Another by Olga Gagne, Reaching for the Papillon Standard by Bonnie Primus, Bits & Pieces by Clover Allen, Early Training Produces Calmer Dogs by Beverly Rowe, Show Grooming Your Papillon by Danny R. Ford II, Internal Parasites in the Dog by Patricia A Schenck DVM, The Role of Dogs in Therapy by Powell Henderson, Gingivitis by Marla Ann Wahl


I nterviews Pearl George
Greats from the Past Ch. Kavar The Huntsman
Judges' Spotlight Ric Chashoudian and Charlotte McGowan
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top producers, and top breeders.
Special Features The Ball-Chasing Gene by Powell and Carol Henderson, What's Not to Love by Bill and Frieda Crane, V.I.P. - Very Important Papillons by Betty Borla, Truth about Teething Puppies, Safe Christmas Gift List by Jill Riley, Junion Handling Pitfalls by K. Covill, Life Among the Papillons by Frank Urban, Obedience by Diane Nickel, Papillon Food for Thought by Deena M. Morando, Unpredictable Greatta by Jeanne Wright, What Is Vaccination and Why?, Breeding by Cindy Hayes, Patches, the Therapy Dog by Belle Darris, Arnica Montana by M.A. Whal, Why Show? by Virginia Boylan.


Interviews Alfreda Mayle, Barbara Cecil
Greats from the Past Ch. Dourhu Dandini
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top producers and top breeders
Special Features Herbs to the Rescue by Faith Cuthrell, Q & A, Potpourri of Dog Poetry by B. Nichols, Gone to the Chickens! by Lori Drouin and Kathy Henderson, Stud and Dud Males by Gertrude Hinsch, Goats on the Menu? by Maggie Blutreich, Americans (and Papillons) in Europe by Powell and Carol Henderson, Legends of the Orient by Nancy Webb, Heatstroke by Patricia Schenck, Optimal Performance by Ron Rompala and Gail Kuhlman, The Value of the National by Diane Nickel, Dog Poetry, An Interview with Betty McHugh by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Seiko by Jim Sjoberg, New Registries, Presentation of the Papillon by Maxine J. Gurin, Canine Obesity
Food Allergy by Patricia Schenck, An Interview with J. Council Parker by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Giardia by Kathleen M. Harper, Taming Butterflies by Lori Drouin and Kathy Henderson, You're Out of Order! by Lisa Braunstein-LaMere, Improving Conception Rates by Diann Sullivan, Judging Commentary by Dan Fleitas


Interviews Pat Stubbs, David and Donna Elizares
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features Favorite Stud Dogs by Barbara Cecil, Lurking Dangers and Small Dogs by Jill Riley, What Are Standards? by Dan Fleitas, Stud Dog Management by K. Main, Where Does the Time Go? by Beverly Anderson, Crufts 1995 by Sherry E. Wallis, The Liveliest in the Litter by E. Wahl, Senior Dogs, Growing Old Gracefully by W.E. McKay-Smith, Unconditional Love by Lori Kovitch, On Learning to Handle Dogs like a Professional by Eileen Weston, Let Us Pray by L. Drouin and K. Henderson, Breed Characteristics by Donna Jagodzinski, An Interview with Keke Kahn by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Managing the Whelping by Jean Lazarus, Criteria for Breeding Selection by Patrick Ormos, Communcating with Dogs by Ellen Dresselhuis, Official Chewman Standards by K. Buetow, New Attitudes Toward Obedience by Bev Ellison, An Interview with Anne Rogers Clark by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Communication by Cherie Starr, The Perfection Syndrome by Emily Krokosz, Greatness in Producing Dogs by Patrick Ormos, Question and Answer by Dan Fleitas, That Cookie Was Mine by Donna Jagodzinski, Some Specifics of Randomness by L. Drouin and K. Henderson


Interviews Barbara Ridder Irwin, Maxine Gurin
Greats from the Past Ch. Kavar Athena's Nimbo UDT
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features, Keep That Tail Up! by Deena Morando, An Interview with R. William Taylor by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Brucellosis: The Nightmare by Larry Wallace, Papillons and Anesthesia by B. Cecil, Deadly Diarrhea by C. Brunkow DVM, CGC Test, Alternatives by Barbara Cecil, The Dog Expert by Virginia Devaney, Dogs & Diet, The Art of Mooching by Tootsie Bouyet, CH/OTCH/CDX ... Times Two! by Gerianne Darnell, An Interview with Derek Rayne by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Ear Problems, Rules Quiz by Sherry E. Wallis, For Whom the Belt Tolls by Jan Warren, Papillon TDX-ceptional II by Barbara Cecil, Kind People - Rescued Dogs by Edward Wahl, Handout by Cherie Starr, Socialization by Nanci E. Takash, What Dogs Do by Julia Priest, ASOT Methodology by Ellen Dresselhuis, The Novice Quiz by Lisa Braunstein-LaMere, Loneliness and Boredom by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, Making Sense of Dog Shows by G.M. and H.L. Klein, Puppy Training by C. Rutherford, Ehrlichiosis by Pat Jones
The Abuse Excuse by S. Strickland, Agility - The Sport of Papillons by Jill Riley


Interview Virginia Newton
Greats from the Past Am/Can/Mex/FCI Int. Ch. Kra-Li-Mar Czar, Am/Can Ch. Starheir's Crown Jewel
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma by Stanley A. Sohn DVM, Training the Competitive Papillon by Gerianne F. Darnell, Alex, the Herding Papillon by Harriete J. Kagel, Papillons the Versatile Breed by Ilsa M. Sternberg, Alternative Methods of Healing by Wendy K. Trottier, A Breeder's Personal Observations by Maxine J. Gurin, A Once-In-A-Lifetime Dog by Barbara Cecil, The Phalene Experience by Lou Ann King, Tracking with a Papillon by Gerianne F. Darnell, Why Breedings Sometimes Fail by Stanley A. Sohn DVM, Show Contracts by Chris Jackson, Tying One On Aspects of Breeding by Jo Turley, Checking Out the Boarding Kennel by Amy S. Scher, Obtaining the Perfect Photograph by Sharon Lynn Vanderlip, Inbreeding, Linebreeding, Outcrossing WHY? by Bonnie Nichols, Local Boy Makes Good by Charlene Benjamin, Making the Later Years of a Dog's Life Healthy, Punishment that Fits the Canine Crime, Development and Maturity by Sophia Kaluzniacki DVM, Teaching Your Dog to Jump by Doreen Malone, Flea Bath Turned Nightmare by Laura Siebrandt