The Golden Retriever Annual


The Golden Retriever Annual




The Golden Retriever Annual - '98, '99, '00, 01, '03, '04
@ $50 + $8 s&h U.S. (+$15 Canada; +$22 Foreign)



Golden Retriever People Susan Taylor, Berna Hart Welch, Julie MacKinnon
Greats from the Past Ch. Wochica's Okeechobee Jake OS, Ch. Camelot's Noble Fella CDX OS SDHF, Ch. Camelot's Visions of Ivyhill, SAI's Buck DF
Specal Features So We're Having Babies by Pat Herschman, Interquest Detection Canines' "Pot of Gold" by Debbie Farmer, Spotlighting the Judge with Howard Yost by B.A. Miller, Abuse of Dogs by Debra Nagler.





Golden Retriever People Marilyn & Marvin Horsch, Jim & Debbie Berry
Judge's Spotlight Carl Liepmann
The Artist's Eye
Specal Features
A Look at Guide Dogs by Garay C. Norman Esq., The Retired Show Dog, Contraband Detection for Canines by Debbie Farmer, Following the Golden Brick Road by Rochelle Lesser, A Golden Life, A Collebtion of Poems by Betty Drobac, IHDHOF New Inductees by Edie Hawk.





Golden Retriever People Ginny Boyle, Rhonda Hovan
Rankings Conformation, who puts up what, top producers, top breeders, obedience
Greats from the Past Ch. Sassafras Batterys Not Incldd SDHF, OS
Specal Features Vet's Corner by Patricia Schenck DVM, Golden Consolatioin by Pamela Turpin, Grasping the Art of Dog Training by Susan Kluesner, Nursing and Healthy Full-Term Puppies by Cindy O'Malley, Potpourri by Betty Drobac, Behind the Scenese at Westminster 2001 by Carol Hjort, Socialization by Debra Nagler, Animal Facts, A Look Back: Hutchinson on Gundogs.





Golden Retriever People Michele Hall, Pat Sadler
Rankings Conformation, who puts up what, top producers, top breeders
Greats from the Past Am. Can. Ch Ambertrail's Bargello Stitch UDTX, WCX, Am. Can. Ch. Cumming's Gold-Rush Charlie
Specal Features The Dual Champions: Where Are They? by Marcia R. Schlehr, Nikki's Visit by Robert Crawford, The Compelling Nature of Rescue by Betty Drobac, Golden Opportunities by Beckie Gang, Ode to Schatzie by Frank E. Deese, Southwestern Guide Dogs by Arlene Klein, Tribute to a Queen by Harris Greenwood, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort.





Golden Retriever People Jennifer Masterson, Janine Fiorito
Rankings Conformation, obedience, agility, who puts up what, top producers, top breeders
Greats from the Past Sky-Lab Argus of Belvedere WC and Sky-Lab Belvedere's Baby Doll, Am. Can. Ch. Candlewick's Magic
Specal Features Living with Pure Gold by Nona Kilgore Bauer, The Old Dog - Reminiscences by June Smith, The Golden Retriever Alphabet by Nona Kilgore Bauer, Sebaceous Adentitis, Westminster 1999, Teh Artist's Eye, American Eyes at Windsor by Marcia R. Schlehr, From the Holiday Mailbag, The "After" Mac - in Search of a Golden by Patricia De Weel, A Look Back by Hutchinson's.




Golden Retriever People Mercedes Hitchcock, Jeffrey Pepper
Rankings Conformation, obedience, who puts up what, top producers, top breeders
Greats from the Past Ch. Wochica's, Okeechobee Jakes OS, Am. Can. Ch. Heron Acres Sandcastle MH, Am. Can. UDTX OD
Specal Features Mrs. W.M. Charlesworth and the Noranby Kennels by Marcia Schlehr, Faith Healer by Rhaonda Hovan, Gargabe Dogs and Other Dogs I've Loved by Nona Kilgore Bauser, Westminster - The Rich and Famous by Sandra Balfe, Pet Therapy by Barbara Gowan, Question and Answer, Rescue by Betty Dorbac, Copper by Jacqueline Barlow, Photography 101 by Donna Gowan, Who's Minding the Gene Pool? by Donna Green, Lynn Van Patter by Victoria Johnson, Puppy Socialization, Raising Puppies Eight Weeks to One by Barbara Tinker, Achieving Top Performance in the Field, Joint Disorder by Rececca Rose, Weight Loss Centers, A Gift of Love - Mac and Me by Patricia De Weel, 'Tis the Season by Sawn Antoniak-Mitchell.