The Bullmastiff Annual


The Bullmastiff Annual



The Bullmastiff Annual - '93, '94, '96., '97, '98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10
@ $50 + $8 s&h U.S. (+$15 Canada; +$22 Foreign)



Interviews Tracy Ferrick, Lisa Heffner
Greats from the Past Ch. Banstock Bruno of the NorthEast
The Artist's Eye Shirley DeWitte, Leonard Jagoda
Top Breeders & Top Producers
Special Features
Those Frustrating Foxtails by Nancy Kay DVM, My First Bullmastiff by Don Wierenga, Making Bulllmastiff History in Juniors by Barb Long, Our DJiscovery of the Bullmastiff - the Early Years by Janet & Alex Gunn, Playtime for Bullmastiffs by Crystal Lelond, Reproductive Medicine by Anna Gifueroa talks with Dr. Randall Carpenter DVM,Dino by Debbie Abel & Jo Hiner, Gator's Story: An Old Dog Survives Sepsis by Cindy Gimbel, Remote Collar Training by Melanie Schlaginhaufer, Canine First Aid by Anne McGuire, Still Freezing After 24 Years by Anita Migday DVM, Structural Analysis of the Bullmastiff by Helene Hansmann, Westminster 2010.





Interviews Kathy & Robert Manuel, Jackie Smith & Steve Krulish
Greats from the Past Ch. Hucks's Last Hurrah of Vandog ROM, Am. Can Ch. DOX Burnham Up CGC.
Special Features Mentors and What They Mean to Me by Albert Batchelor, See Spot RJun by Helene Nietsch, Being There by Tamara Cady, Pyometra by Cindy Gimbel, Gospel's Story by Cheryl Peavey, Canine Genetic Disease by George A. Padgett DVM, A Day in Atlanta by Kathy Roberts, Understanding Our Dogs by Melanie Schlaginhaufen, Responsibilities of the Stud Dog Owner by Helene Hansmann, Bullmastiff Firsts by Denise Borton, Destiny by Denise Abel.





Interviews Roxanne & Tom La Paglia, Carol Beans
Greats from the Past Ch. Tondra's Here's the Beef
Special Features Deuce by Debbie Abel, Preparing Dogs for New Homes by Lynnel Jones, When Your Insurance Says No to Your Dog by Kate Bernquist, Life Passages by Ruth I. Kellogg, Bullmastiff Temperament by Jean Robinson, Warm Up Your Dog by J. Oleby, Bullmastiffs in the Record Books by Denise Borton, So You Think You Want to Be a Judge by Jeanne Nonhof, A Week in the Life of a Breeder by Tamara Cady, Norwegian Bullmastiff Specialty by Denise Borton, The Importance of Being a Good Mentor by Jean Robinson, Q&A with Judy McCammon of Fenstoke by Lynnel Jones, Breeding Misconceptions by Mary Atchison, Basic Breeding Principles by Raymond H. Oppenheimer.


Interviews Susan Crawford, Doreen & John Hodgin
Greats from the Past Am. Can. Ch. Bastion's Celebration Time
Special Features Proportion Defining Type by Helene Nietsch, Wanted! Ira C. Kaplan DVM and Anita Migday DVM, Maximizing Breeding and Whelping Potential by Lynnel Jones, A Very Particular Pregnancy by Jill Karena, For the Love of Janie by Debbie Abel, Dog Food by Charlie Tolkien, Striking the Balance by Mary Mazzeri, Neonate Imprinting by Tamara Cady, Caring for a Serion Bullmastiff by Cindy Gimbel, Crufts 2007 by Denise Borton, Zoonotic Diseases in Dogs by Trudy Sample.


Interviews Lucile & Ralph Kapple, Marti Hillius
Greats from the Past Aust. Ch. Pughill Little Nell, Am. Can. Ch. Blackslate's Boston Brahmin Gold ROM
The Artist's Eye Adele Pfenninger
Special Features A Shartes Breeding Experience by Tamara Cady, Brandy by Andrea Kelly, Bullmastiffs in England by Denise Borton, Your Puppy Is Coming Home This Week by Fern Dittmar, My First Bullmastiff by Tamara Cody, To Prevent or Treat: That Is the Question by Anne Figueroa and Dr. Julie Hass DVM, Extending the Bullmastiff Life Line by Julie Brown, It's a Cruel, Cruel World by Trudy Sample, California Rescue Scene by Debbie Abel, Bullmastiff Reproduction by Helene Hansmann, Replicating Large Kennel Breeding Programs by Julie Brown and Lynnel Jones, Spotlighting the Judge with Judy Doniere by B.A.Miller, How Did You Know? by Evan Ginsburg.


Interviews Linda Cejner, Fern Dittmar
Greats from the Past Am. Can. Ch. Bastion's Celebration Time, Ch. Tru Grits Yeager ROM, Ch. Andalusias Pooh Bah, Aust. Ch. Rose Queen of Colom, Ch. Avonlea Storybook Goodfella.
Special Features Judges Spotlight with Pat Hastings by B.A. Miller, Downsizing by Lila Edwards, It Doesn't Matter What You Breed by Lynnel Jones, Let's Get Back to Breed Function by Al Bastchelor, The Longhaired Bullmastiff bny Tamara Cady, Let's Consider Food by Fern Dittmar, Lucky's C-Section Delivery by Tamara Cady, Soundness and Size in the Bullmastiff by Don Kearns, Canine Chiropractic and Immunity by Dr. Michael T. Wayda, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort, How Rescue Works by Linda Cejner, Give New Pups Their Best Chance by Diann Sullivan.


Interviews Chris & Karen Campbell, Heather & Kimberly Silva
Greats from the Past Ch. Cadance Rita My Lips of Key Por, Silver ROM, Aust. Ch. Rose Queen of Colom
Special Features ABA Awards by Barbara Long, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! by Dr. Michael T. Wayda, Endocarditis in Dogs by Kim Rogers, Is the Bullmastiff a Head Breed? by Jean Robinson, The Vaccination Controversy by Fern Dittmar, Can We Breed Better Bullmastiffs? by Larry P. Occhhipinti DVM, A Practical Approach to Professional Testing by Lynnel Jones, Thoughts on Breeding Your Bitch by Tamara Cady, Tracking with Your Bullmastiff - Is It for You? by Denise Borton, Australian Show Scene, When the Diagnosis Is Cancer by Larry P. Occhipinti DVM, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjory, The Importance of Size in a Bullmastiff by Jean Robiinson, Show & Tell by Jessamy Morrissey, A Beginner's Story of Breeding Bullmastiffs by Judyy Proctor.





Interviews Barbara Long & Eric Long, Gerry Shastid
Rankings Top Breeders, and Top Producers, Obedience
Special Features What's for You Dog's Dinner by Dr. Joanne Reichertz DVM, For the Love of Bulmastiffs by Jeri Rumsey, The Diabetic Bullmastiff by Larry P. Occhipinti DVM, Beaut - the Bodacious Bullmastiff by Priscilla D. Snow, Exhibitors and Judges by Dan Fleitas, Special Needs Canines by Lynnel Jones, A Rare Opportunity in Australia by Cheryl Wright, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort, Raising Dogs ... Naturally by Julie Brown.




Interviews Chris Lezotte, Kathryn Nibley
Rankings Conformation, Who Puts Up What, Top Breeders, and Top Producers
Special Features Poet's Corner by Stormie Saucerman, Pocantico Pedigrees, Working Toward Goals by Stephanie Smith, Semen Analysis in Stud Dog Management by Diann Sullivan, Bullmastiff Temperament Considerations by Lynnel Jones, Dogs in Germany, Handler Q&A with Jane Hobson, Justin Matano and Carol Collins by Lynnel Jones, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort, Spotlighting the Judge with B.A. Miller by Shannon Scheer, Let the Sleeping Dogs Lie by Stormie G. Saucerman.




Interviews Mary Frazier, Jenny Baum
Rankings Conformation, Who Puts Up What, Top Breeders, and Top Producers
Special Features Bulmastiffs by Stormie Saucerman, The Brindle Bullmastiff, To Breed or Not to Breed by Lila J. Edwards, Developing a Tail Female Breeding Program by Lynnel Jones, Bullmastiff Rescue by Mari Hanningan, The Bullmastiff Puppy by Larry P. Occhipinti DVM, Canine Chiropractic by Michael C. Wayda DC, Showing the Britich Way by Billy Brittle, The Year of the Dragon by Lucile Kapple.


Interviews Muriel Bisatt, Lila Edwards
Rankings Conformation, obedience, agility, who puts up what, top breeders, and top producers
Special Features Westminster 1999 by Sandra Balfe, Porperly Socialized, Hypothryodism and the Bullmastiff by Larry Occhipinti DVM, MPVM, My Life Has Gone to the Dogs by Lynnel Jones, Rescue ... by Any Other Name by Connie Urbanski, Teaching a Dog to Mark by Ruth Kellogg, Twenty Basic Breeding Principles by Helene Nietsch, Recent Nutritional Research Findings by Larry Occhipinti DVM, Ten Commandments of the Show Ring by Bill Trainor, Crufts 1999 by Rita Benner, Bullmastiff Winners at Crufts 1999, Breeding Bullmastiffs by Lucile M. Kapple, Interview with a Breeder with Barbara Wright.


Interviews Helma Weeks, Peter & Bodil Aczel
Rankings Conformation, who puts up what, top breeders, and top producers
Special Features Breeding Principles and Strategies by Larry Occhipinti DVM, Philadelphia's Bullmastiff by Helma Weeks, The Rally by Mave Rostron, Regards from Norway by H. Kjeldby, More Experiences with an Obedience Bullmastiff by Kim Sanders, Juding Bullmastiffs and Beauty Faults by Helene Nietsch, Exporting to New Zealand by Barbara Long, Westminster &shyp; the Rich and Famous by Sandra Balfe, How Did You Become a Breeder by Lucille Kepple, Selecting a Foundation Stud Dog by Lynnel Jones.


Interviews Edith Pyle, Pam Kochuba
Rankings Conformation, obedience and top breeders
Greats from the Past Ch. Blackslate's Big Daddy Henry ROM, Ch. Sunnyt Brook's Sweet Sarah, Eng. Ch. Saturn of Graecia, Ch. Boldwind's Shayla ROMC II, Am. ROM
Special Features The Artist's Eye by A. Pfenninger, Doggerel by Cindy Platt, Dual-Ring Bullmastiffs by Ira C. Kaplan and Anita M. Migday, Filling the Spaces by Mave Rostron, Bullmastiff Beginnings by Connie Urbanski, My Almost True Experiences by Kim Sanders, What's in a Title? by Virginia Rowland, Handling by Helene Nietsch, Ten Learnings in Ten Years by Lynnel Jones, The "Frankie" Scenario by Connie Urbanski, Handling the Mating by Adene M. Pfenninger, Crufts 1997 by Rita Benner, Natural Health Tips by Faith Cuthrell, The Judges' Choice.


Interviews Taun Brooks, Mary Walsh
Rankings Conformation, obedience and top breeders
Greats from the Past Am/Int/Sp Ch. Blackslate's Boston Blackie ROM, BMF
Special Features Health Risk of Obesity in Canines, The Come-Fore Exercise by Ruth Kellogg
Dog CPR by Evelyn Nelson, Consider the Lilies by P. Fleshman, Summertime Blues by Bobbye Land, The Perfection Syndrome by Emily Krokosz, The Perfect Judge by David Fritsche, An Interview with Keke Kahn by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Legends of the Orient by Nancy Webb, Crufts 1996 by Rita Benner, Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? by L. Drouin and K. Henderson, Go On -- Surprise Yourself by Mave Rostron, Tale of a Stud, The Bullmastiff in Germany by Rita Benner, Campaigning a Special by Denise Borton, What Direction to Breed? by Cheryl Steinmetz, The Bull-Mastiff, When You're Heeling Happy by Mira Jilbert, Bloat, New Registries


Interviews Virginia Rowland, Pat O'Brien
Greats from the Past Ch. Tauralan Vic Torious
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features Responsible Breeding by Helene Nietsch, Hypothyroidism from Nose to Tail by Adele M. Pfenninger, The Abuse Excuse by Susan Strickland, An Interview with Derek Rayne by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Dog Shows in England by Anna Williamson, Promotion and Protection by Carol Beans, Crufts 1994 by Kathy McAlister, The OFA by E.A. Corley DVM, That Cookie Was Mine, Protecting Your Dogs by Lorraine Hulberts, Poet's Corner by Franceska Leichtman, Change Is Difficult by Grace L. McDonald, Veteran Sweepstakes by Lynne Baum, Tracking by Susane Berman, Making Sense of Dog Shows by G.M. and H.L. Klein, ASOT Methodology by Ellen Dresselhuis, Quality Breeding by Ky W. White, Rescue by Mary B. Walsh, What Dogs Do by Julia Priest, The Dog Expert by Virginia Devaney, HD Examination by J. Ticer DVM, On Reflection by Mave Rostron, Gone to the ... CATS! by Susan Hamilton, Canine Intelligence by Donna Jagodzinski, Inbreeding by Ky W. White, Rescue by Tina T. Smith, Puppy Training by C. Rutherford, Socialization by Nanci Takash, Reducing the Incidence of HD, ROM &shyp; Past and Present by L. Spohr, Pet Problems by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, Kind People, Rescued Dogs by Edward Wahl
Dispelling the Myths about Soy, For Whom the Belt Tolls by Jan Warren, Rules Quiz by Sherry E. Wallis, Ehrlichiosis by Pat Jones, Deadly Diarrhea by Connie Brunkow DVM, In the Beginning by W.M. Cox


Interviews Adele Pfenninger, Carol Beans
Greats from the Past Ch. Bandog's Crawdaddy Gumbo ROM
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features Reminiscing by Helene Nietsch, Interpreting the Breed Standard by H.J. Price, Whelping Guidelines by A. Pfenninger, Who Owns Who? by Carol Beans, An Interpretation of the Bullmastiff Breed Standard by Vic Zeoli, What's In A Name? by Lyn Pratt, Reflections of a Frustrated Stud Dog Owner by Virginia Roland and Mary B. Walsh, Bullsmastiffs and Lymphosarcoma by Alan Hammer DVM and Barbara Brooks-Worrell PhD, The Flip Side of Bullmastiffs by Mave C. Rostron, Living With A Strong Willed Dog by Mona Lindau-Webb, A Walk Down Memory Lane by Patricia V. O'Brien, So You Want A Bullmastiff? by Gene Edwards, Tracking With Your Bullmastiff &shyp; Is It For You? by Denise Borton, More To Our Origin by H.J. Price, Choosing a Puppy by Dorothy and Jim Price, Picking a Show Quality Puppy by Terry Gaskins, You're Giving Poison to Your Pet? by Linda Yelvington, Bullmastiffs and Cancer by Kala Mologne, Criteria for Breeding Selection by Patrick Ormos, Judging by Dan Fleitas, Bullmastiffs and Agility Competition by Barbara Brooks-Worrell, "Emmalee" as a Therapy Dog by Kala Mologne