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The German Shorthaired Pointer was developed in Germany from a cross of the old Spanish Pointer, the Bloodhound for greater intelligence and trailing ability with bigger bone and size, the Foxhound for more speed, and the English Pointer for more pointing instinct. The resulting dog is one of great versatility that can track game, point instinctively with the strength and fortitude to retrieve wildfowl from icy water. The German Shorthaired Pointer is a good pointing game and retrieving dog for both land and water. He is a pointing dog of medium speed and medium range. He was recognized the American Kennel Club in 1930.
The German Shorthaired Pointer has a mild disposition. He is affectionate and good with children Besides being a very versatile sporting dog, he also makes a wonderful house and watch dog. Because he has a natural desire to hunt and tends not to recognize natural boundaries, he needs plenty of exercise to keep him from becoming bored.
The overall dog has an aristocratic bearing and is well-balanced and symmetrical. The head has a reasonably broad skull that is slightly rounded at the top. There is an indentation between the eyes to the top of the skull. The jaw is powerful with a scissors bite and the muzzle is capable of properly seizing and carrying game. It should not be pointed or tapered. The years are broad, set fairly high and hang next to the side of the neck. The eyes are dark brown by preference and of medium size with an expression of intelligence and good humor. The neck must be muscular and strong. The chest must be deep. The back is short, strong and straight. There must be a definite tuck up at the loin. The legs are straight and closely muscled. a lithe smooth gait is the most desirable. The tail is docked to two-fifths of its natural length and set high. The average weight is between 55 and 70 pounds and the average height is between 23 and 25 inches. Coat color is solid liver, liver and white spotted and/or ticked, and liver roan. The coat is water repellent and the feet are webbed to enable him to retrieve across rough terrain and icy water. of Adelaide, Australia writes:

I wish to add that the German Shorthaired Pointer is also black or black and white, the same as the liver or liver and white. Although not recognised by the AKC for conformation showing they can be competitive in all other fields of dog activities. The GSP is a brilliant companion dog, but of course must be given plenty of exercise. In general they love the hunt, retrieve, swimming, company of the family home, and want to be "where the action is!" of Georgia writes:

GSPs are great.
I love German Shorthaired Pointers. I highly advise getting one if you have somewhere fenced in to let it run as they get lost easily. My GSP goes against all the said hyperness, and in fact is sleeping at my feet right now. of Sweden writes:

Great dog.
Our German Shorthaired Pointer loves to be with people. She's a friendly and loving dog, always happy and full of energy! of Califronia writes on 4/18/00:

The best breed I've ever dealt with.
My dog is the best balanced, most eager to please canine I've ever had. He's enthusiastic, energetic and intelligent. Great around the house and children. He'll bark at strangers, growl at a perceived threat, but has never bitten anyone. He quick to learn, eager to please and easy to care for. Can't imagine a finer dog. of Texas writes on 11/3/99:

One of the best family and hunting dogs you could have.
My dog is protective of my home, barking at people she is not familular with. She does not bite. She is a great hunter, no matter if we are are shooting quail or if she is pointing at the neighbors cat. My GSP is not touchie-feelie like many Labs, but she is loving in her own way. I'm not sure if most GSP's are like that or not. I believe you would you would be hard pressed to find a type of dog that makes a better contributing family member. If you want a dog just to sit around in your back yard......and don't plan working very much with the dog, don't get a GSP. It would be a waste of talent.

Name withheld by request of Washington, DC write on 10/10/99:

Affectionate energetic dogs.
When I was a little girl, my Dad arrived home one night at our new house in New England with a German Shorthaired Pointer. We named her Coco. She was an energetic puppy, always jumping up on me and my brothers and licking us, as puppies do. When she grew up, she was sleek and beautiful, and while we never went hunting, she was always assuming the pointing position. She would respond if I was sad, sitting by my side patiently, and she was a great playmate and ran like the wind. I loved my dog Coco. I highly recommend this fine breed.

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