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The English Foxhound traces its roots back at least to the 13th century. Foxes were vermin to the landowners and needed to be eradicated. The Foxhound was bred to have the speed and endurance to lead mounted huntsmen in pursuit of the foxes. As the number of foxes dwindled, the sport of the chase replaced the necessity. Many wealthy landowners kept large packs of hounds. English Foxhounds were imported to North America in 1738 (see American Foxhounds) where they were bred to a smaller size.
Foxhounds have not generally been bred to be family dogs. Although gregarious and affectionate, they have been bred to work in packs. If raised from puppyhood in a family situation, they adapt easily and are very gentle with children. They do require a great deal of exercise.
The Foxhound head is broad with a flat skull and slight drop off (stop) between skull and muzzle. The brow is very pronounced. The eyes are large and hazel or brown in color. The muzzle is long and wide. The ears are set low and hang close to the neck. On hunting hounds, approximately one-and-one-half inches of the bottom of the ear is taken off to keep it from being torn or damaged during the hunt. The neck is long and clean. The chest is deep. The shoulders are muscular without being heavy. The body is muscular with a level back. The legs are straight, well boned and muscular. The feet are round and cat-like. The tail is fairly long with a fringe of hair on the underside. It is carried saber-fashion but not curled over the back. The coat is short, dense, hard and glossy. Any hound color (black, tan, white) is acceptable in either tricolor or bicolor combinations. The average height is from 23 to 27 inches and the average weight is from 55 to 75 pounds. They area few inches larger than their cousins, the American Foxhounds.

nemarice@yahoo.com of California writes:

Too good to be true.
My English Foxhound is the best dog I've ever had. I got this one as a rescue. I take him to the dog park several times each day, and three to four times a week, we run in the mornings. He's a little stubborn at times, but no more than any other dog I've ever had. He's very bright, affectionate, well-mannered. He has no separation anxiety issues, and all in all, has a very happy disposition. He will give a single bark, but once that's out, is quiet. He only chews on his toys (except for the handle of a hairbrush when I first got him!). He does run circles in the yard sometimes (he has his own area for digging the occasional hole), but is very gentle in the house. He's happy both inside and out, and is allowed to choose. He carries around his toys like a child.
One of the most important things is that even when he's playing with other dogs (his favorite thing on earth!) he aways comes when I ask. I had to practice with him before ever allowing him off leash with the others, but that only took two days. It was an incredible investment. I've never seen another six-month-old behave so well.

chilbrook@hotmail.com of West Virginia writes on 3/30/01:

A single purpose hound for the hound connoisseur
Foxhounds are clean neat and easy keepers, a very sociable breed and rarely scrappy. They do require a lot of exercise to keep them properly fit. They are really happiest in a pack of dogs but I have seen single foxhounds that adapt well to family life if the owners are attentive to the dog. These are single purpose bred dogs highly prized by the hunting hound connoisseurs of dogdom so don't expect them as pets to be "Lassie-like" in their interactions with the family. Foxhounds have relatively few health issues, they will go off however if not kept properly confined/controlled and it is not uncommon for them to end up a car fatality from that. It is best to adopt an older foxhound from the rescue organizations then to raise a puppy. The older hounds make much better pets.

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