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Black and Tan Coonhounds are the only breed officially recognized as Coonhounds by the American Kennel Club. The UKC in the United States recognizes four additional Coonhound types. The Black and Tan Coonhound may be a descendent of hounds known in England as early as the 11th century. Since that time, carefully crossbreeding over the centuries which include the Bloodhound, Irish Kerry Beagle and Virginia Foxhound have given him a distinctively colored coat &shyp; short black hairs on the body with tan on the muzzle,lower legs and paws &shyp; and a specific purpose &shyp; to hunt raccoon in the southern United States. He has also been used to hunt deer, mountain lion and bear. Once his quarry has been cornered, the Coonhound changes his tone of voice to notify his master of his success and location.
The Black and Tan Coonhound is a scent hound, tracking his prey by smell. He is a courageous dog that gives a general impression of power, agility and alertness. His gait must be easy, graceful, and effortless. He is outgoing and friendly.
The head of the adult male should measure nine to ten inches from back of skull to the nose, while in the adult female it should be eight to nine inches in length. They have a scissors bite. The eyes are brown and almost round in color. The ears are low set and hang in graceful folds from eye level to below the tip of the nose. The top line is level and the tail is strong, carried at right angles to the back when the dog is in motion. The male is between 25 to 27 inches in height at the shoulder while the female is 23 to 25 inches in height at the shoulder. The length of body should equal the height.

Name withheld by request of U.S. writes:

Best friend I've ever had.
We have had our dog for almost nine years now ... and reading that the life span for Black & Tans is only six to ten years, we're so sad to think that our little "bundle of joy," as we used to call him when he was a puppy, may only have a year or two left in him. He has been the best dog ever; loyal, loving, funny, energetic, well-behaved, and so many other things. He loves to walk, to run, to unwrap Christmas presents, to chase (and never catch) birds and squirrels, and help out in the garage. He has been an excellent family dog and I would recommend that anyone who is considering getting a Black & Tan: imagine the cutest, most cuddly, funniest, clumsiest puppy that you can ... and it only gets better!

Name withheld by request of Texas writes:

Couldn't ask for a better dog.
This is the first dog I have ever owned, and I spent about a year searching for exactly what I wanted. Black and Tans are big dogs and and love to go wild outside, but they are very mellow inside the house. They can be difficult to find depending on where you live in the States, but they are worth the search. Even as a puppy, they are very easy to handle, and respond very well to clicker training.

Iamethyst of Massachusetts writes on 3/17/00:

Excellent companion and family dog - a joy to own.
We acquired our first Coonhound over seven years ago, never knowing anything about this breed. I just happened to make eye contact with this intelligent looking 7 mo old puppy. Her eyes met mine and she had this look like take me out of here, I don't belong her. Well I couldn't get her out of my mind, you guessed it we bought her a day or two later. We had owned many dogs before, purebreds included and even bred twice. But luck was with us and she turned out to be a wonderful pet, very intelligent and loving. I should mention one of the reasons I felt so strongly about getting her was I noticed a sore on her backside, from being in a cage too long and she was much too big for. Being the animal lover I am I felt she needed me as much as I needed her. Call it an expensive rescue but it turned out to be the beginning of a wonderful relationship with a breed I never even knew before. We acquired a second Coonhound years later that proved to be the most wonderful of all our dogs. He was a champion and we gladly opened our hearts and home to this fabulous dog. He was only with us for two short years due to a heart problem but I would do it all over again. My husband and I will cherish his memory and will certainly own more Coonhounds if possible. Black & Tan Coonhounds are the perfect breed for us. of Pennsylvania wrotes on 2/19/00:

People do not know what this breed is and represents.
We have been owned by a black and tan for almost five years. He is the best dog we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He lives with a multitude of cats. When people ask what kind of dog he is, we respond and get a "?" look. The breed is gread with kids and other animals. Is content as a couch potato with appropriate excercise. He is somewhat headstrong and likes his own way. I have never heard my hound growl at anything in an inappropriate manner. He has an even temper - he's a lover not a fighter! These dogs are truly one of the best kept secrets. Many would not even give them a second look and those people do not know what they are missing. I would add, beware of the spit and the hound odor. However, despitting is a price I will continue to pay for the companionship of this fine amimal. of Martin, TN writes on 11/9/99:

One of the most lovable, loyal, trustworthy breeds in the world.
I have been associated with the breed for 60 years. I was raised up with them. My father is Robert St.John, who is credited with having a profound inflluence on the breed as we know it today. These dogs are primarily hunting dogs but adapt easily to being a "hearth and home" dog. They have a very easy-going temperament and are very patient and loving, especially towards children. They are easy to train and aee eager to please their master. The Black and Tan is exactly what the name implies, predominately black in color with tan markings. They are a medium sized dog, the males usually 29 inches at the shoulder and wighing 85 to 90 pounds, the females are s;ight;y smaller. They are also at ease in the AKC conformation show ring. I highly recommend the Black and Tan as an all arooound desirable companion.

MERomere@aol.comof Kingwood, TX writes on 10/11/99:

Great hunters, watchdogs, and gentle pets!
Black and Tan Coonhounds are one of the dog world's best kept secrets. They are great with kids and love to play with kids, adults, and other dogs. They are great at warning you when a stranger enters the yard, but are not apt to bite or harm anyone. Their bark sounds serious to someone who doesn't know them, but the truth is, if someone actually entered the yard, they would bark, but never touch the person. They are generally sweet and good natured in the house and easily house-trained. They are excellent hunters of raccoon, possum, and deer and can be entered in the specialized Coonhound events sponsored by the UKC, AKC, and PKC - nite hunts, bench shows, and water races. They require very little grooming or medical care, other than cleaning their ears so they don't get ear mites. I recommend this breed to anyone who wants a great pet!

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