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Australian Terrier

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The Australian Terrier is a breed developed from Scottish and English terriers brought to Australia by settlers in the early 1800s. Included breeds in the mixture are believed to be the Scottie, the Skye Terrier, the Dandie Dinmont, Yorkshire Terrier and the Irish Terrier. The Australian Terrier was bred to hunt vermin, including snakes. He was recognized as an official breed in Britain in 1936, in Canada in 1938 and in the United States in 1958.
The Australian Terrier is a quiet and affectionate dog that is eager to please and good with children, the elderly and the handicapped. He also is a courageous and self-confident dog.
The Australian Terrier stands between ten and eleven inches at the withers and weighs between twelve and fourteen pounds. He is medium-boned and his body length is longer than it is tall. His muzzle is equal in length to that of his skull. His eyes are small, dark, oval and of keen expression. His ears are small, erect and pointed, set high on his skull but wide. He has a scissors bite. His feet are small and catlike. His legs are strong and straight. His tail is docked and carried upright. The outercoat is harsh and straight. It is approximately two and one-half inches in length, except on the tail, pasterns, hocks and feet. The undercoat is soft and short. There is a soft, fine topknot on the top of the skull. The coat color of an Australian Terrier is blue and tan, solid sand or solid red. The Australian Terrier moves in a single track gait as his speed increases. of Sarasota, FL writes:

Once you love an Aussie &shyp; nothing else compares.
My mom raised Australian Terriers when I was about ten, once I became an adult, I always wanted an Aussie of my own. My Aussie, whom we lost in a terrible accident recently, was nine years old at the time. He had no health problems, but had a severe sensitivity to fleas. He would scrach madly over just one, but Advantage took good care of that. Other than that - no health problems at all, pretty good for nine years old. He was the love of our lives, always happy, funny, yet laid-back, loved to be with his pack, a great watchdog and fearless! He would not hesitate to challenge a big dog. ALWAYS keep on a leash when out, you never know when an Aussie will take off after that squirrel or the neighbor's cat. Very adaptable dogs, fine with apartment living, boat trips and just the best friend man or woman could ever have. of Morrison, CO writes on 6/6/00:

Amazin' Aussies...the best!
Aussies are the best friends a family could have. They are companionable, always ready to "help", fun, clean and constantly amusing. They put the lie to the saying "You can't train a terrier". Between them my two adult Aussies have 18 titles and the oldest is 5 years old! of New Zealand writes on 11/15/99:

Fiesty little fellas.
If you don't train them, they will train you! They love to learn, and learn to love. Endearing, strong, faithful, good watch dogs. Lick you to death. Don't moult, don't smell. Who could ask for anything more.. of Florida writes on 10/1/99:

Clean, Happy and healthy family members
This breed does not shed when stripped 2-3 times per year. Almost non-existent health problems. Always happy and more than willing to please. Extremely intelligent. Fit well into any family.

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