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Grand and imposing in size, appearance and demeanour, this breed is endowed with a generous and noble disposition. For courage as well as layal attachment they equal the best of the canine race. These dogs make ideal guards and companions, and are infinitely patient with children. Painted by F.T. Dawes. Reprinted from Hutchinson's (England, circa 1935).
Reprints available - 8.5x11 laminated $20 + $5 s&h ($15 outside U.S.)

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Assyrians leading Assurbanipal's Mastiffs to a hunt,
a bas-relief from the Palace of Nineveh,
circa 650 B.C. (British Museum).
Reprinted from Hutchinson's (England, circa 1935)
Reprints available - 8.5x11 laminated $20 + $5 s&h ($15 outside U.S.)

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