Moses Lacsar Von Tasz

WGSDCI Ch. Moses Lacsar Von Tasz CDX, TD, Can CD, TT, CGC

Dog 9/26/87
Bred by Diana L. Updike
Owned by Diana L. Updike

Barich's Satan Von Finn
WGSDCI Ch. Sherry's Magnificent Mongo RX HOF
Sherry's Royal Sylva La Verne
Sire: Sherman's Weiss Schnee Bar
Lucy's Bronco Edlu-Mibach RX
Sherman's Weiss Schnee Dam
Lonni Von Finn
Anson Von Demark
Chmiel's Spartan Lover
White Shadow Lady
Dam: Pipoly's Little White Tasz CD
Prince of Shelby Manor
Chmiel's Sugar Cookie
Chmiel's Snow Princess

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