Terrifick Mid-Knight Glow-TT

Terrifick Mid-Knight Glow-TT Am. Can. CDX

Bitch 6/16/87-5/7/94
Bred by Terri Sidell
Owned by Terri Sidell

Ch. Dassin DeBussey
Ch. Dassin Busby Berkley
Ch. Dassin Six Pak
Sire: Ch. Odin Broadway Knight
Ch. Dassin Broadway Joe
Odin Arista
Ch. Odin the Aristocat
Am. Can. Ch. Dassin DeBauchery
Ch. Eaton Jeremiah
Ch. Eaton Busting With Joy
Dam: Odin Erica of Montec
Ch. Valhallus in Command
Knolland Chanteuse
Koronet The Cameo

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