Kempees Black Jack Special

Ch. Kempees Black Jack Special

Dog 9/25/93
Bred by Constance Kempees
Owned by Constance Kempees

Baliwick Ardynas Crackerjac
Baliwick Foxey Indian
Baliwick Foxey Lady
Sire: Apogee Azar
Ch. Baliwick Mystic Warrior
Apogee Cloisonne
Ch. Apogee Neauveau Of Slaton
Ardynas Gay Scaramouche
Ch. Ardynas Gay Deceiver
Ardynas Gay Goldilocks
Dam: Ch. Macgillivray Mia Of Stenroc
Ch. Baliwick Belefonte
Ch. Stenroc's Elita Macgillivray
Ardynas Gay Devils Delight

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