Cynpam s Typhoon Teddy

Ch. Cynpam's Typhoon Teddy

Dog 1979-1994
Bred by Cynthia & Antoinette Woods
Owned by Cynthia & Pamela Woods

Lochranza Hell's Fire
Am. Ir. Eng. Ch. Tiopepi Typhoon
Vernlil Angela From Conersk
Sire: Ch. Tiopepi Tornado
Beritas Bonaparte
Aesthete Quality Fair of Tiopepi
Greatwestwood Montmarte Dainty Maid
Ch. Beritas Ballyhoo
Ch. Praver's All the Rage
Praver's Ruby Begonia
Dam: Cynpam's Lil' Alice Praver
Ch. Logan's Ebony Coup de Vent
Mibars Singing Wind
Hardy High the Piper's Charm

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