Bibelot s Hey Look Me Over

Am. Can. Ch. Bibelot's
Hey Look Me Over Am. Can. CD

Bitch 3/25/72-7/80
Bred by Susan R. Fraser
Owned by Susan R. Fraser

Ch. Wycliffe Murdock
Ch. Haus Brau Clarion
Ch. Haus Brau Angelique
Sire: Am. Can. Ch. Haus Brau Executive of Acadia
Ch. Wycliffe Ian
Haus Brau Adorable Regina
Ch. Haus Sachse Rebecca
Am. Can. Ch. Wycliffe Timothy
Am. Ch. Wycliffe Virgil
Am. Can. Ch. Wycliffe Jacqueline UD
Dam: Can. Ch. Bibelot's In Style of Hi Crown
Am. Ch. Annsown Gay Knight or Arhill
Am. Can. Ch. Lady Joan of Lowmont Am.Can. CD
Lowmont Lady Clarissa

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