Aura Ostentation Galore

Ch. Aura Ostentation Galore

Dog 9/20/92
Bred by Lauren Flaugher
Owned by Kathryn Bolin

Ch. Signature's For Your Eyes Only
Ch. Signature On File At Pinafore
Ch. Signature's Gone With The Wind
Sire: Ch. Lemerle Silk Harlequin
Ch. Glory Knight Templer
Ch Lemerle Color Me Azure
Lemerle Azure Astella CD
Ch. Eaton Ezvao
Ch. Pamala's Manderly Spellbound
Pamala's Darlin Lil
Dam: Ch. Galore N Pah's Art's And Letters
Ch. Blue Bell's Zacharias
Galore's Octopussy
Ch. Chase's Pussy Galore

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