Snowden Hill s Mighty Moose

Ch. Snowden Hill's Mighty Moose

Dog 12/14/85 - 3/1/96
Bred by Gladys W. Rogers
Owned by Gladys W. Rogers

Ch. Carefree of Keithray
Grovetons Koko Khalif
Grovetons Affable Andora
Sire: Ch. Highlands Bronze Chieftain
Ch. Groveton's Copoper Buck Shot
Highlands Egyptian Queen
Sambeau's Cam
Ch. Groveton's Copper Adventurer
Shamrock Acres Gunmaster
Could Be Wingmasters Joy
Dam: Snowden Hill Chocolate Fudge
Ch. Williston Brown-Smith
Kelleygreens Chocolate Bits
Kelleygreens Muddy Waters

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