Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib

Ch. Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib

Bitch 12/23/92
Bred by Dorothy F. Galvin
Owned by Pauline A. & Maurice Mortier

Eng. Sh. Ch. Balrion Kings Ransom
Eng. Sh. Ch. Simanden Kings Neptune
Simandem Ocean Calm
Sire: Ch. Scartho Frost
Eng. Sh. Ch. Stajantors Dam Buster
Eng. Ch. Scartho Briar Crest
Greenworth Stable Maid
Eng. Sh. Ch. Poolstead Preferential
Poolstead Pretentious At Rocheby
Poolstead Precious Pearl
Dam: Ch. Rocheby Rippling Corn
Playmate of Bensondale
Eng. Sh. Ch. Rocheby Acorn
Rocheby Polished Oak

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