Balrion Living Legend

Ch. Balrion Living Legend

Dog 6/23/94
Bred by Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Crook
Owned by Pauline A. & Maurice Mortier

Eng. Ch. Follytower Merrybrook Black Stormer
Rodarbal Royale Tan of Balrion
Eng. Sh. Ch. Balrion Royale Mischief
Sire: Eng. Sh. Ch. Balrion Black and Tan
Eng. Sh. Ch. Blondella Balance
Brentcalm Miss Fawks
Simandem Sorceress of Brentcalm
Eng. Sh. Ch. Balrion King Frost
Eng. Sh. Ch. Balrion Kings Ransom
Balrion Star Quest
Dam: Lymelyn Loose Living at Balrion
Eng. Ch. Charway Ballwillwill
Miss Megan of Dolafon at Lymelyn
Dolafon Demma

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