Sunflower s Kissin Kris TC

Can. Ch. Sunflower's
Kissin Kris TC, Can. CD

Bitch 5/17/94
Bred by Lonna Fisher
Owned by Deborah Stainton

Sel. Am/Can Ch. Covy Tuckerhill's Don Quixote TC
Am/Sel Can. Ch. Cherpa's Fiddler v Woodside ROMC
Ch. Woodside's Nice Dreams
Sire: Sel. Can. Ch. Cherpa's Cincinati v Woodside ROMC
Sel/Am Ch. Covy's Mazarati of Tuckerhill ROM, ROMC
Woodside's Crystal v Windigail
Marwade's Guinivere-Isis ROMC
Hausmekon's The Riddler
Ch. Sunflower's The Joker TC
Fireweed's Bridal Veil
Dam: Roll of the Dice of Sunflower TC, HIC
Ch. Worrier of Vonivan
Sunflower's Almost A Angel
Sunflower's Red Trinket

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