Gunyea s Durango

Ch. Gunyea's Durango

Dog 3/8/93
Bred by Ronald & Margaret Nunnally
Owned by Ronald & Margaret Nunnally

GV Ch. Rio Valle's Nestles Crunch ROM
GV Ch. Woodside's Nestles Quik Merwestyn ROM
Can. Ch. Woodside's Chelsey V. Windigall ROMC
Sire: Ch. Hyline's Duran V Woodside
Can. Ch. Woodsides' Chachi of Windigail
Can. Ch. Woodsides' Indigo
Shar Mac's Dapple of Proven Hill
Sel. Ch. Prime Time of Billo ROM
Ch. Sunset's Upton Tipton CD
Ch. Sunset's Gemma
Dam: T-Ho's J and P Paulina Le Simp
Ch. Totana's Zando ROM
T-Ho's Naughty Toughts Desuto
T-Ho's Randida of Woodside CD ROM

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