Genteel s Mark of Perfection

Ch. Genteel's Mark Of Perfection

Dog 1/30/90
Bred by Virginia F. Cochran
Owned by William Schaefer

Ch. Lyndale's Deacon T. Brown
Ch. Lyndale's Ri-Ja's Gentleman Jim
Sunwood's Alexander The Great
Sire: Ch. Zodiac's The Challenger
Ch. Gentry's Choice of Zodiac
Zodiac's Velvet Vixen
Staley's Star of Zodiac
Ch. Maestro's Billy Whiz Bang ROM
Ch. Bar None's Tom Sawyer
Ch. Bar None's Fayme
Dam: Genteel Lagnappe From Earl
Ch. Zodiac's Special Warrior
Ch. Astar From Heaven
Ch. Red Rock Round Tree

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