Chereed s Quantum Leap

Ch. Chereed's Quantum Leap

Bitch 2/5/89
Bred by Reed & Cher Keffer
Owned by Barbara Sikkink

Ch. The Real McCoy O'BJ
BIS Ch. The Widow-Maker O'BJ ROM
Ch. The Same Dame O'BJ ROM
Sire: BIS Ch. O'BJ King's Ransom ROM
Ch. Daijobu's Joto
Ch. The Mad Hatter O'BJ ROM
Ch. O'BJ Nikki No Nikki ROM
Obi-San's Lefty of Chereed
Chereed's Mr. Spock of Nakuma
Obi-San's Bordeaux Red
Dam: Ch. Chereed's Quintessence
Ch. Goshen's Top Brass
Lenmar's Sachiko ROM
Ch. Obi-San's Angel Eyes

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