Observations on Borzoi

Observations On Borzoi

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by Joseph B. Thomas, 136 pages, double-sized and computer enhanced, paperback, $33 + $5 s&h ($15 outside US). Reprint of the 1912 Borzoi classic, generally considered to be the most important Borzoi book ever published.
"...the "Bible of the Breed."
Karen Staudt-Cartabona
"...an invaluable reference book for anyone interested in the Borzoi breed." "You will find fact instead of fancy and be able to answer questions for yourself about what makes a beautiful and functional working sighthound."
Fred Edlin

"...one of the most important books ever written." "This book is a must read for its history and breed information."

F. Gwen Post
"It would be well for the Borzoi owners of today to study the Borzoi that are depicted in this book and also to read and study this work from beginning to end as it gives an account of th oigin of the breed."
Lena Tamboer