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The Yorkshire Terrier Poster by M.J. Bryan (Imported from England).
This is a wonderful poster with calligraphy
18" x 26". $30 + $10 s&h ($20 outside US). Order from Hoflin Publishing.

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"Yorkshire Terrier" from Hutchinson's Dog Encyclopaedia (England, circa 1935)
CH. HARRINGAY REMARKABLE. Bred and owned by E.H. Clenshaw, Ch. Harringay Remarkable, not quite four years old when this portrait was painted from life in the early summer of 1934, has lived up ot its name. Here is the galaxy of prizes and awards won by thisgallant little bitch up till Nov. 8th, 1934: 9 Challenge Certificates; 6 Diplomas; 11 times Best Toy in Show; 50 Silver Cups and Specials; 150 other Prizes; was best exhibit in Breed at the Kennel Club Shows of 1932, 1933, and 1934, and best Toy Dog in 1934, and it finished up Third Best Dog in Show for the Lonsdale Cup. An unbeaten Champion in England, "Remarkable" is the smallest and best-coloured Yorkshire Terrier bitch ever seen.
Reprints available - 8.5x11 laminated $20 + $5 s&h ($15 outside U.S.)

from Hutchinson's (England, circa 1935)

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