The German Shepherd Dog Annual


The German Shepherd Dog Annual




The German Shepherd Dog Annual - 2012 Charter Edition
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Interviews Bob Drescher & Don Willett

Greats from the Past V18 (BSZS), VA4 (AU) Stano vom Hasenborn

Show & Tell Sandy Anderson

Special Features The World of Dogs by Betty Radzevich, War Dogs Deserve Honor and Homes on Memorial Day, Hawk's Journey by Lois Vogelpohl-Hall, Canine Bloat Diagnosis and Treatment by Dr. Mortin Goldfarb MD, The Best Dog Is No Better Than the Worst by Barbara Lee Williams, How Can Schutzhund Help Your Breed? by Krista Wade, Accordance by Beth D. Dillenbeck, Puppy Rap by Dick Kurz, S.O.S. Save Our Shows by Norma Hansburg, German Shepherds. Temperament. by Diane Silver-Strasser, Straight Fronts Through Eye Control by Dr. Mary Belle Adelman, German Shepherd Dog Coat by Helen Gleason, State of the Breed by Mary Ellen Kish, It's All About the Food by Carol Pitlock, Look Before You Leap by Dr. Mary Belle Adelman, He Has What? by Vicki Wooters, GSDC of West Kentucky: First GS Dual Champion by Kim Broster