The Englsh Sprgr Spaniel Annual


The English Springer Spaniel Annual




The English Springer Spaniel Annual - '94.
@ $50 + $8 s&h U.S. (+$15 Canada; +$22 Foreign)



Naia and Larry Libeu
Delores Streng
Greats from the Past
Ch. Winacko's Classic Replay CD
Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features
The Abuse Excuse by S. Strickland
Holistic Health Care for Pets by Ardis Lukens
Tracking by Donna H. Thompson
Rags by Edmund Vance Cooke
Puppy Training by C. Rutherford
Mooching by Tootsie Bouyet
Thoughts on Owner-Handling by Monica Bowers Collins
Poet's Corner
The OFA Registry by E.A. Corley DVM
The Dog Expert by Virginia Devaney
An Interview with Derek Rayne by B.A. (Bart) Miller
Canine Behavior by Lori Drouin and Kathy Henderson
AKC Hunting Tests by Art Rodger
Brucellosis by Larry Wallace
Chelsea by Virginia Alexander
Rescue by Tina Thomas Smith
Tracking & Training by Aggie de la Garza
Dog Shows by G.M. and H.L. Klein
ASOT Methodology by E. Dresselhuis
The Revised Standard
Ehrlichiosis by Pat Jones
Gone to the ... Cats! by S. Hamilton
Problem Pets by Dr. Carmen Battaglia
Canine Intelligence by D. Jagodzinski
The Thyroid Equation by Vicki Lowry
Hip Dysplasia
Senior Dogs
Dogs & Diet
What Dogs Do by Julia Priest
Deadly Diarrhea by C. Brunkow DVM
Responsible Dog Ownership by Judy Kovitch
Change is Difficult by G. McDonald
On Guard Against Accidents by Lorraine Hulberts
Did You Ever Wonder Why by Kathy Main
Consider the Lilies by P. Fleshman
Handout by Cherie Starr
How Does A Dog Track? by Susane Berman
The Use of Garbage Can Lids by Nancy Takash
Canine Crew Educates Children by Liz O'Dell
Contracts by Cherie Starr