The Dachshund Annual

The Dachshund Annual

The Dachshund Annual - '93, '94, '95, '96, '97, '98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '06, '08, 09, '10
@ $50 + $8 s&h ($15 outside US)


Interviews Howard Atlee, Helen & Neal Hamilton
Greats from the Past Ch. Jeric's Texas Two Step W, Am. Intl. Ch. Windsong Caution to the Wind SE, EOMO, Ch. Glenavan Antipipation ML ROMX
Special Features Top Breeders and Producersm DCA Week, The Artist's Eye bby Terry Pond, It's Just One Judge's Opinion by Azalea Aluija Alvarez, Eating Habits by Chris Jones, Training a Dachshund Is All About Relationship by Andrea O'Connell, Autioimmune Disease, by Dr. Joanne Reichertz DVM, Autoimmune Disease by Dr. Joanne Reichertz DVM, A Very Different Dog Show by Pat Taylor, Whinges about the Dog World by Roslyn Thomas, The Evolution of a Show Dog by Storm Britten-Houno, My Love of Dachshunds by Pat Thomas.


Interviews Barbara & Joel Axel, Mary Olich Nie
Greats from the Past Ch. Jon Wire of Coja ROMO, Am. Can. Intl. Ch. Brandach's MR. GOODBAR MLD
Special Features Dachsy Corner by Helen Carlin, When Dachshunds Were in Favor by Jeanine Sudinski,, Puppy Q & A with Richard Beauchamp vy R. Beauchamp, My Rally Dog Experience by Amanda Hodges, Treat Training Techniques by Patricia Taylor, A Movement for Soundness in Dachshunds by Cyndy Senff, Hemangiosarcoma, the Silent Killer by Barbara Axel, The Owner-Handler: An In-Depth Study by Vic MonteLeon.


Interviews Robert (Bobby) and Jane Fowler, Bob & Ann Wlodkowski
Greats from the Past Am. Can. ch. Brandachs Blue Zircon ML
Special Features Dachshund Tales by Susan Watts, Breeding Basics by Patricia Taylor, Life With Dachshunds by Helen Carlin, Laddland Legacy by Lexa Richmond, Keeping in Touch by Lori Carleton, So You Want to Buy a Show Dog by Barbara Koppenhaver, Show & Tell by Roland Hernandez & Storm Britten-Houno, Starting Over by Sandra Johnson-Dolan, Biography of Lucene Dachshunds by Jeanine Sudinski.


Interviews Cyndy Senff, Arvilla Mayhall & Don Ingamells
Greats from the Past Ch. Hollydach's Betsy Ross W
Special Features Tribute to Tyche by Iris Love, Drakesleat - A Century of Champions by Simon Parsons, Miniatures in Obedience by Jackie Nicholas, A Coat of Many Colors by Patricia Taylor, Dachshund Memories by Howard Atlee, The Dachshundn in Rally Obedience by Holly Deeds, Love for the Wirehaired Dachshund by Shirley Ray.


Interviews Polly Fleming
Greats from the Past Ch. D and D Sierra Spirit V Shoney CD ROMX, Ch. Sioux's Hermann ROMX, Ch. Camp Guthrie Devil's Sprite L CDX TT RoMX
Special Features Rappy by Ann Carey, A Beginner's Guide to Agility by Holly Deeds, The Toad by Lois Ballard, Do I Need a Handler? by Lucy Moden, Once Upon a Time ... Meeting Billy Crystal by Ann Carey, Miniatures in Obedience by Jackie Nicholas, Courageous to the Point of Rashness by Patricia Taylor, Dachshund Agility: A Training Primer by Karen R. Scheiner, Federation of Dachshund CVlubs of Canada by Pat Taylor, Dachire's Long Dogs.


Interviews Tommy Dunk, Lucy Moden
Greats from the Past Ch. Be Patient Buccaneer, Ch. Penthouse Tommy Dunk
Special Features Do Not Disqualify Double Dapple Dachshunds by Pat Taylor, A Beginner's Guide to Dachshund Obedience, Training Tools for Obedience by Jackie Nicholas, The Little Dog That Nobody Wanted by Aubrey Nash, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort, Calculating the Aging Process by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, Owning Your Own Showsite: A True Story by Dan Fleitas.


Interviews Judy Anderson, Cookie Roush
Rankings Obedience, top breeders, top producers
Greats from the Past Ch. Meridachs Maid Marian CD CGC ROM
Special Features A Tribute to My Friend by Iris Love, Life Will Never Be the Same by Sue Stejskal, The Art of Color Coordination by Pat Taylor, Back Surgery! by Val Magnuson, So You Want to Be a Conformation Judge by Barbara L. Powers, Miniatures in Obedience by Jackie Nicholas, THE Unique Dog Breed by Howard Atlee, One Breeder's Objective by Sue McClelland, Breeder-Judge Spotlight by Barbara Powers, Tuesday's Child Has Far to Go by Diane Young McCormack, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort.


Interviews Jane Larsen, Daine Poranski
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, top producers, who puts up what
Greats from the Past Ch. Laddland A Wing And A Prayer, Ch. Sleepy Hollow's Majestic L ROMX
Special Features Rescue Parade by Sue McClelland, Hot Dog Tales by Val Magnuson, Grooming All Three Coats by Valerie Skinner, The Tale of a Trophy by Helen Carlin, Getting Started in Agility by Cris Baldwin, Circle of Instincts by Sandra Johnson-Dolan, Beliefs & Blessings by Jean Carvill, Starting Over by Cris Baldwin, Soptlighting the Judge with Al and Esme Treen by B.A. Miller, Training Your Puppy for the Show Ring by Valerie Skinner, The Legend of Heying-Teckel (Revisited) by Sanford Roberts, Dachshund Octoberfest in New York City by Howard Atlee, Putting Pets and People in Perspective by Pat Taylor, A Poet's Eye View of Dogs and Dog Shows by Helen Carlin, Veterinary Corner by Joanne Reichertz DVM.


Interviews Hannelore Heller, Jeanne Rice
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, top producers, who puts up what
Greats from the Past Ch. Jeric's Dudeldoop W, Dual Ch. Greenhills Editors Choice L CD, CG, VC, Ch. Wiredox Poppy Pizzazz MW
Special Features Notes and Points for Judging Dachshunds by Patricia Taylor, Puppy Love by Kathleen Edwards, Laurence Alden Horswell by Stanford Roberts, Cream Mania by Aubrey Nash, First Breeders' Show by Jolanta Jeanneney, The World Union for Teckels by John Jeanneney, Dachshunds Down Under by Pat Taylor, The World's Greatest Dog Show by Sandra M. Balfe, Teh Artist's Eye by Mar Ludington, The Story of a Familiar Stranger by Stanford Roberts, Can We Talk? by Jean Carvill, Best of Breed Wins by Miniature Dachshund by Howard Atlee, The Private Lives of English Show Dogs by Jason Hunt, Hot Dog Tales by Val Magnuson.


Interviews Don Harrington
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, top producers, who puts up what
Greats from the Past Ch. Suntura's Blue Max
Special Features Westminster 1999, Pages Turned - Times Remembered - Book Closed by Sanford Roberts, AKC Obedience Invitational by Jackie Nicholas, Dachshunds in England by Valerie and John Bennett, Dachshund Judging in 2000 by Thomas C. Conway, Dachshunds: My Inspiration, My Evolution by Joy Kroeger Beckner, Poet's Corner by Andrea Baltes, Blue Miniature Longhair History & Development by Pat Taylor, Lighten Up! by Sue McClelland, A Best in Show Vignette by Dr. C. William Nixon, My 40-Year Love Affair with Dachsies by Valerie Skinner, The Spade and Sue by Pamela Ingram, Dachshunds: Not Just a Wiener Anymore by Joel Davis, DCA Has Historic 50th Anniversary Year by Sanford Roberts, So You Want to Be a Conformation Judge! by Barbara L. Powers, Crufts 1999, It's a Wonderful Life (with Dachshunds) by Jean Carvill, The Brook Bitch by Lucy Moden, Dogs of My Past by Howard Atlee.


Interviews Dr. Bill Nixon, John Thompson
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, top producers
Greats from the Past Ch. Midernoch's Sextus Wire, Ch. Han-Jo's Candyman
Special Features Arthritis - the People-Pet Plague by Pat Taylor, Alarmed in 1998 by Thomas Conway, Westminster - The Rich and Famous by Sandra Balfe, Judging Today by Barbara Koppenhaver, Dreams by Howard Atlee, Changing Lanes by Ann Carey, Dachshunds through Time by Iris Cornelia Love, In Praise of Small Dogs by John R. Jeanneney, Showing and Judging in England by Lynda Starbuck, Registering Your AKC Dachshund in Canada by Pat Taylor, Dog Show Judges by Andrew Kostic PhD, Let's Cook by Barbara Koppenhaver and Pat Leone, Why Show? by Virginia Boyland, Achieving 24-Carat Golden Years by Pat Taylor, Julio and Me by Ellen Shireman, Dachshund Field Tests by Hans Klein, Journeys with Junions by Karen Covill.


Judges' Spotlight Jon Cole
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features The Trot by Robert Cole, Remiiniscing by Howard Atlee, Doggerel, Dachshund Deterioration by Thomas Conway, Therapy Visit - From a Dog's Viewpoint by Ruth DeWachter, By Any Other Color by P. Taylor, Earth Dogs, Dateline: Germany, 1956 by Milton L. Brown, Pets Can Die from Cold, A Dachshund Promise by H. Carlin, Dogs Are Not Supposed to Smell Like Dogs by Sis Sewell, Teaching Children to Care for Pets by James MacDonald, International Dog Showing by Patricia Taylor, A Look Back by W.D. Drury, Vet Watch by K.C. Snyder and C.C. Yoches, This is the Dachshund by P. Taylor, Bites, Breath, and Benevolent Breeding by Edward R. Eisner, Artist Sotlight by J. Neider, Pet Ownership: A Family Affair by Joyce McDowell.


Breeders' Forum Pat Roder
Judges' Spotlight
G. Carvill, C. Burg, T. Conway and L. Boutwell
Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features
Teckelcolour by Patricia Taylor, Traveling Man by Carol Braae, My "Do Everything" Ring Dog by Andrea Baltes, Performance Events and the Dachshund by Becky Harstad, Herbs to the Rescue by Faith Cuthrell, A Look Back by Edward C. Ash, An Opinion by Thomas Conway, The Puppy Nobody Wanted by the Pindors, Doggerel by Helen Carlin, Bringing Baby Home by Ann Carey, Merry Mint by Ann Carey, The Sport of Obedience by Jane K. Larsen, Shadow -- Flyball Dachshund by Patricia Taylor


Breeders' Forum Joyce Warren
Judges' Spotlight
Janet Waycock
Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features
For Hanna by Elizabeth Clark, Memories of the Garden by K. Kosticm, Your New Puppy by Carole-Joy Evert, Let Us Pray by L. Drouin and K. Henderson, A Handling Seminar by J. Matteson, Fronts by Polly Fleming, Dapple Basics by Mary Humphries, Interview with Anne Clark by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Unconditional Love by Lori Kovitch, Improving Conception Rates by Diann Sullivanm, Crufts 1995 by Sherry Wallis, The Art of Mooching by Tootsie Bouyet, Potpourri of Dog Poetry, The Abuse Excuse by S. Strickland, Mr. Dachshund by D. Hutchinson, The Dog Expert by Virginia Devaney, That Cookie, Managing the Whelping by J. Lazarus, Fire Safety by Peggy Ann Strupp, Poet's Corner by Helen Carlin, Dachshund Club of America Centennial by Sidney Stafford, Canadian Dog Shows by E. Sykes, Wrist Strengthening by K. Kostic, You Be The Judge by Robert Cole, The Westminster Saga by K. Covill, A Colorful World by M. Canestrini, Interview with J. Council Parker by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Remembering Eugene Shabatura by K. Nielsen, Bombs and Therapy Dogs by Kathy Carlin


Interviews Ruth Williams, Evelyn Pettyjohn
Greats from the Past
Ch. None Such Maestro Wolfgang, OT Ch. Am/Can Ch. Himark Vanquish UDT, CG, VD, ROMM, Ch. Canebrake Pandora Wire, Ch. Han-Jo's Victor
Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features
Kindergarten Puppy Training by Jane K. Larsen, Gone to the Dogs by Kandice Kostic and Lara Vavreck, Dachshunds and Obedience by J. Larsen, The Essentials of Dachshund Breeding by George Spradling, Suggestions for Beginning Tracking by Craig Green, Dachshund Field Trials by G. Cabell, Earthdog Tests by G. Heldebrant, Get in the Habit by Kandice Kostic, Conformation and Movement by Robert Cole, In Memoriam by Polly Fleming, An Interview with Anne Clark by B.A. (Bart) Miller,. The Livliest in the Litter by Edward Wahl, Growing Old Gracefully by W.E. McKay-Smith, Coat Help by K. Kostic


Interviews Sanford Roberts, Muriel Newhauser
Greats from the Past
Ch. Taunuswald Reflection ML, Ch. Farmeadow Light Up The Sky, Ch. Han-Jo's Xtra Copy ROM
Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features
Optimum Proportions by P. Tolliver, Diagram of a Dachshund &shyp; Standard of Perfection, History of the Dachshund Breed by Muriel S. Newhauser, 3S's and 3 L's, Choosing a Puppy, For the Life of Your Dachshund by Christina Leone DVM, Whose Dog Now? by Ann Carey, Advice by Polly Fleming, Short-legged Dogs by C.M. Brown, Conformation and Movement by Robert Cole, The Miniature Dachshund &shyp; A Brief History by Muriel Newhauser, "Chloe" by Ann Carey, Socialization by Nanci E. Takash, Making Sense of Dog Shows by Gail M. and Harvey L. Klein, What Dogs Do by Julia Priest, Dogs & Diet, Poet's Corner by D.B. Jacobsen