The Australian Cattle DogAnnual


The Australian Cattle Dog Annual




The Australian Cattle Dog Annual - '94, '95, '96, '97, '98, '99, '00, '01, '02, '04, '06
@ $50 + $8 s&h U.S. (+$15 Canada; +$22 Foreign)



Interviews Joyce Rowland, Marie Trial
Greats from the Past Aust. Ch. Landmaster U'Sundowner
Spotlighting the Judge Lawrence "Skip" Stanbridge
Special Features My First Australian Cattle Dog by Cheri Walton, The Little Cowboy from Oklahoma by Theresa Buzzard-Couch, The Final Journey by Teresa Mills DuBois, Breeding Management by Patricia Schenck, Judging - the Good, the Bad and the Indifferent by Bart Miller, Tubs' Story by Jim Buzzard, Artifical Insemenation by Diann Sullivan, Goood-bye, "Breeze" by Laura Partridge-Riccobono, Canine Genetic Diseaser by George Padgett, A Dog's Legacy by Stacey Helsel, Timing, Body English, Reading Your Dog by Lori Nickerson, Here We Go Again by Tom Risinger, The Stockdog's Job Description by Melanie Snyder Block.





Interviews Carol Anne Kriesel, Marge Blankenship
Special Features The Qualities of a Good Breeder by Peg Knoch-Casey, Developing New Rescue Resources by Stacey Helsel, Breeding Techniques by Pam Gipson-Beaty, The Versatile Cattle Dog by Teresa Mills DuBois, Portrait of the Australian Cattle Dog by Pam Marfizo, The Power of a Chip! by Stacey Helsel, Genetics of the ACD: A Thought Experiment by Bill Ballard, Weight Pully Primer by Kim Willis, One Man's Opinion by Tom Risinger, Behind the Scenes at Westminster by Carol Hjort.





Interviews Kathy Hamilton
Greats from the Past Ch. Landmaster U'Sundowner, Ch. Rodeo Can't Stop The Fire CD CGC ROM
Rankings Obedience, Top Breeders, Top Producers
Special Features Ask the Vet by J. Reichertz DVM, Spotlighting the Judge with Dany Canino by B.A. Miller, Worthiness of a Foundation Bitch by Maria Clecak, My Best Friend by Bobbi Jo Perez, Potpurri by Susan S. Staples, Every Dog Deserves a Happy Ending by Jacob Cruze & Elaine Wille, Beginning Agility by Tracy Lorraine Smith, Understanding Our Dogs by M. Schlaginhaufen, Breeding Better Dogs by Dr. Carmel L. Battaglia, Perfect Kira by Sandra Leigh Kaestner, Training Tips by Denise Ackley, Dog Equipment Choices by Ruth Kellogg.





Interviews Bill Imbach, Kathy Christian
Rankings Conformation, Obedience, Top Breeders, Top Producers, Who Puts Up What
Special Features Training Tips by Dr. Mary B. Adelman, The Story Behind the Man: Gregory M. Acland by Elaine Wille, $mile by Anonymous, Working Trials & the ACD in the UK by Stella Smyth, ACDs (Always Comic Diversion?) in Agility by Liz Durfee, Tracy's Tracking Title by Debbie Crain, Poet's Corner by Susan S. Staples, The Australian Cattle Dog in Search & Rescue by Teresa Dubois, It Can Happen to You by Alice Dart, Went Looking for an Outback by Lydia M. Fonvielle, Chloe's Story by Pam G. Beaty, Troubles by Lorna J. Perez, Meet Bob and Connie Redhead by Elaine Wille, Droving Days by Leila Watson, What UK Judges Think of the Cattle Dog by Pearl Chetwynd, Tales of Alaska by Suzanne Nevada, The Sotry of Dallas by Sandra L. Kaestner, The World's Greatest Show: Crufts by Sandra M Balfe.





Interviews June Zuber and Alise Dart
Rankings Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Top Breeders, Top Producers, Who Puts Up What
Special Features Search and Rescue by Marge Blankenship, Spring Fling by Susan Staples, Look Before You Leap by Dr. Mary B. Adelman, Britches, the Blue Heeler by Reldon Bray, Good Dogs, Bad Dogs!? by Andrea Schafer, Bounty by Sara Herzlinger, ACDs in the Netherlands by Arie and Anneke Witte, Bitch-Witchery by Elaine Wille, Crufts 1999, Crufts 1999 Judge's Critique, 49 Years of Study by Leila Watson, Herding Trial Winners by Tom Risinger, Health Issues by Patricia Schenck, DVM, Two Worlds by Sara Herzlinger, Spotlighting the Judge by Walter Pinsker.





Interviews Kent and Lori Herbel, Craig Watson
Greats from the Past Ch. Hellerhill Crocodile Dingo, Aust. Ch. Cherimoya Jolette, Aust. Ch. Cherimoya Jenna
Rankings Conformation, Obedience, Top Breeders, Top Producers, Who Puts Up What
Special Features The Senior Conformation Judges Institute by Karen Milham, This Heeler is a Healer by Susan Staples, The World According to "Buster" by Laura Smith, Fat Kills and Maims by Elaine Wille, The Most Amazing Dog by Sara Herzlinger, Teaching a Dog to "Mark" by Ruth Kellogg, Interviewing German Cattle Dog Breeders by Andrea Schaefer, My PRA Story by Karin Lang, Thinkong of You by Rosalee by Lorna Perez, A Potentially Savage Dog and a Very Brave One by Leila Watson, A Down Home Visit with Paul and Mailyn Myers by Elaine Wille, Bites, Breath and Benevolent Breeding by Edward R. Eisner DVM, Artist Spotlight with Charis Baldwin Vernon by Jeannette Nieder.




Interviews Kathy Eggleston, Esther Ekman
Greats from the Past Ch. Wrangler, Red Trapper VQW, QW, Ch. Wagga Wagga Bue Tess CD, HS, VQW, Ch. Wagga Wagga Ble Sheila CDX, VQW, ROM
Rankings Conformation, Obedience, Top Breeders, Top Producers
Special Features The Australia Cattle Dog According to Kaleski by Leila Watson, The Diary of a Young Pup by Elaine Willie, Living in an Imperfect World by Andrea Schafer, Our Cattle Dog Story: A New Start by Anneke and Arie Witte, Echo - My Perfect "10" by S. Crocker, Show Scene in Australia, Observations on Color of Blue Cattle Dogs by Leila Watson, The Australian Cattle Dog by Connie Redhead, A Team Approach to the Companion Dog Title by Wendy Grudin, Correct Cattle Dog Temperament by Ky Christian, Evelyn Stone of Redstone Kennels by Elaine Wille, The Cattle Drive by M. Blankenship, The Outlaw Dog by Christen Lang.


Interviews Jim Buzzard, Amy Berry
Greats from the Past Ch. Wenpedon Miss Willy QW, Ch. Imbachs Paddy Willy
Special Features The National, Showing in Conformation by Tracy Carlton, PRA by Elaine Wille, Honey's Story by Mary Holmes, Breeding the ACD in Germany by Andrea Schafer, A Blue Cattle Dog by Leila Watson, Australian Cattle Dogs in Luxembourg by Jacqueline Schmit, "Striker," the Australian Cattle-Drug Dog by Pamela Mansfield, Do You Believe in Angels by Lorna Perez, How I Came to Choose the ACD by Jeff Oehlsen, New South Wales Specialty
Properly Socialized, Finishing Your Australian Cattle Dog by Wendy Grudin, The Pioneering of Australia by Cheryl Edwards, Detecting Genetic Disease in Cattle Dogs by Susan Besel, New Canine Sports Medicine, Herding Skills by M.B. Adelman, A Helping Hand by L. Partridge, Pairing the Right Dog with the Right Owner by Marge Blankenship, Threshold Testing and the ACD by Kathryn Wolfe, The Identity Confusion by Grace Vance, Microchips by Marie M. Dennis, The Sport of Dogs: Staying the Course by Sheila M. Kish


Interviews Alice Kapelos, Carol Donovan
Greats from the Past Ch. Fischer Streak Bingo, Ch. Frog Acres Bingo Blue Jasper
Special Features The National, Gold Rush '95 by Darlene Hurley, Australian Show Results, Letter from a Working Dog by Andrea Schafer, A Service Dog by Jill Vick, A Cattle Dog Born in Nebraska that I Love in Korea by Laura Smith, Puppy Temperament Training by Connie Redhead, Snakebite by Lori Whitman, My Very Early Years in the Bush by Leila Watson, Lucky Lady bny Elaine Wille, Whelping Your ACD by C. Redhead, Consider the Lilies by Pati Fleshman, Australian Cattle Dogs in Puerto Rico by Luis Sierra, Bob Vest Herding Seminar by Mary Belle Adelman, The Abuse Excuse by Susan Strickland, Smart and Legal? Legal and Smart? by D. Jay Hyman, Unconditional Love by Lori Kovitch, The Liveliest in the Litter by E. Wahl, Question and Answer by Dan Fleitas, Pigeonholing by Cyndi Kraus, An Interview with Keke Kahn by B.A. (Bart) Miller, On Learning to Handle Dogs Like a Professional by Eileen Weston, Seiko by Jim Sjoberg, Top Ten Inconveniences of a Shedding Dog by Carol Harris, Veterinary Notes by Sheila Morrissey, Improving Conception Rates by Diann Sullivan, An Interview with J. Council Parker by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Some Specifics of Randomness by Lori Drouin & Kathy Henderson, Where Does the Time Go? by Beverly Andersen, Poly-Fil Pillow Woes by L. Shattuck


Interviews Laurie Youmans, Leonard and Cory Rivera
Greats from the Past Ch. Black Oak Rant "N" Rave, Aust. Ch. Blue Jacinta, Aust. Ch. Tallawong Blue Josie, Tallawong Blue Jarius, Aust. Ch. Tallawong Blue Jeff
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features Eye Problems by Mary Adelman, Dogs on Internet by K. Buetow, Gait by Dawn O'Reilly, Tribute to a Dog by George Vest, Australia &shyp; Native Land of the Australian Cattle Dog by M. Adelman, Selling Puppies Through Pictures by Grace Vance, Royal Shows in Australia by Leila Watson, Dog Massage? by Jill Lang CMT, The War of the Wash by Michelle C. Watada
Spotlighting Silver Hills Farm by M. Watada, Just a Typical Cattle Dog? by Michelle C. Watada, Your Dog and Your Chiropractor by Mary Belle Adelman, And Then There Was "Blue" by Elaine Wille, The Dog Expert by Virginia Devaney, The Other Obedience by E. Krokosz, Communication by Cherie Starr, Animal Protection by Brenda Brewer, Change Is Difficult by Grace L. McDonald
Contracts by Cherie Starr, Managing the Whelping by Jean Lazarus, The OFA Registry Hip Evaluation Standard by E.A. Corley DVM, From Inside the Ring by S. Wallis, Obedience by Bev Ellison, Spotlight on Anne Hone Rogers Clark by B.A. (Bart) Miller, Criteria for Breeding Selection by Patrick Ormos, Protecting Your Dogs by Lorraine Hulberts, Cat Shows? by Susan Hamilton, Animal Blood Bank by Jeann Silver, Ehrlichiosis by Pat Jones, Responsible Dog Ownership by Judy Kovitch, Caring for Senior Dogs , Seizures by Connie Brunkow DVM, Dog Food Nutrition, ASOT Methodology by Ellen Dresselhuis


Interviews Grace Vance, Marge A. Blankenship
Greats from the Past Ch. Frog Acres Bingo Blue Jasper, Ch. Tallawong Blue Jeroa CD, ROM, Ch. Wagga Wagga Blue Stanley UDT
Rankings Conformation, obedience, top breeders, and top producers.
Special Features History of the ACD by Leila Watson, Why Dogs? by Janet Gardner, Starting a Young Cattle Dog by Tony and Betty Maeder, Eating Machines Par Excellence by Mary Belle Adelman, Mikey by June Zuber, Poet's Corner by Janet Gardner, The Unique Aussie: The Australian Cattle Dog by Narelle Robertson, Book Review by Wendy Grudin, Variations on a Theme by A. Sauerborn, True Blue by D. Fingleton-Flakelar, Aussie Trio by Dianne Rayner, Chossing a Cattle Dog for Your Bitch by Nancy Warner, Inherited Eye Disorders by M. Adelman
Not Just a Head, Color in the Australian Cattle Dog by Grace Vance, ... A Friend, Indeed by M. Watada, Obedience by Mary Belle Adelman, Service Dogs by Laura Partridge, Inheritance of Coat Color by H.J. Hewson-Fruend, Therapy Dogs by Kelly Crosby, The Cattle Dog in Motion by Dawn O'Reilly, Pet Problems by Dr. C. Battaglia, Novice Quiz by L. Braunstein-LaMere, Judge's Spotlight on Derek Rayne by B.A. (Bart) Miller, The Art of Mooching by Tootsie Bouyet, Approaches to Training by L. Drouin and K. Henderson, Comments on Color by M. Adelman, Socialization by Nanci E. Takash, Holistic Viewpoint on Vaccinations by Stephen Tobin DVM, Hemolytic Anemia by Patricia Schenck DVM